Festive season to create 50,000 temp jobs

Festive season to create 50,000 temp jobs
Festive season to create 50,000 temp jobs

This festive season will create 50,000 te-mporary jobs, with almost half of it coming from the e-commerce sector. With a gr?owth of 5-7 per cent, festive season is expected to create demand for 50,000 temporary jobs, according to the projections done by Indian Staffing Federation.

E-commerce will continue to be the largest job pro?vider, accounting for about 24,000 jobs. The second la?r?g?est hirer will be logistics with 12,000 jobs, followed by retail with 8,500 jobs and warehousing 5,500 jobs. “E-commerce will be the top sector in hiring temporary staff for jobs mainly related to delivery and for manning fulfillment centres,” said R Chakraborty, pre?sident, Indian Staffing Federation.

Most of the e-commerce players run season sales with huge offers and discounts for one to two weeks or in some cases for a month. Th?ese festive season sales see huge volumes, which cannot be managed by existing staff.

However, the number of people being hired by e-commerce companies during the festive season has seen some contraction owing to the increasing deployment of tec?hnology and measures to improve efficiency.

Last year, Amazon itself had annou?nced plans to hire 22,000 people for the season. Th?ough Amazon has not yet finalized its numbers for this season, the projection for the e-commerce sector itself is 24,000. “All the businesses are trying to bring in efficiencies. In case of e-commerce better route mapping has helped faster deliveries and deployment of lesser number of people.

Similarly, warehouse ma?n?agement technology and automation too is widely deployed to reduce the depe?ndence upon people for pa?ckaging, stock-keeping etc,” said Chakraborty.

According to Aditya Nar?ayan Misra, CEO of CIEL HR Service, most of the jobs will be created in three domains - sales, supply chain and customer service. Both offline and online retail will need additional hands for sales. “Most of the jobs will require people in the junior levels. But this year, sales of newer technology products will increase demand for people who are more tech-savvy - those who can understand and communicate the technical specifications of these products,” he said.

The demand for supply chain jobs will see logistics and warehousing adding new hands. ‘Delivery jobs will not just be limited to e-commerce. The app-based food delivery firms are likely to see huge demand during the festive season,” he said.

Customer service jobs wi?ll move beyond the traditional channels of handling qu?e?r?ies over-the-counter or ph?one. Increasing use of apps and social media will require people to handle customers through these channels as well. According to Misra, digital marketing and advertising too will have busy days during the festive season.