5.25% dip in rabi sowing worrisome: Crisil

Amid reports of rising rural distress, a report has expressed concerns on an over 5 per cent dip in sowing for winter cr?o?ps, which account for the bulk 40 per cent of the annual farm output.

Unless the sowing im?proves from now on, there will be adverse imp?act on various aspects, including rural consu?mption, Crisil warned in a report on Wednesday.

As of December 14, by when 81 per cent of the sowing gets compl?e?t?ed, Crisil said there was a 5.25 per cent drop in sowing to 476 lakh hec?ta?res as against 502.5 lakh hectares in the ye?ar-ago period.

It can be noted that te?ns of hundreds of far?m?ers across the country have committed suicide in the past few years, eit?her due to crop failures or very low prices, leadi?ng them to default on bank payments. The rising input cost and lower prices have left most farmers in debt-traps.