Yamaha Motor opens manufacturing institute
Neeraj Jha

Yamaha Motor opens manufacturing institute
Yamaha Motor opens manufacturing institute

India Yamaha Motor  (IYM) has opened its first Japan-India Institute of Manufacturing (JIM) in Chennai. It is Yamaha's first Technical Training Institute in India under JIM and has been named as Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center (YNTC). The institute focuses on training future shop floor leaders in the Japanese working methods and manufacturing style.

During the inauguration, Riuji Kawashima, deputy managing director, IYM, said, “Manufacturing Sector in India is facing a shortage of skilled manpower and initiatives like JIM can play a major role in filling this gap. Through YNTC, we wish to train young individuals on the best manufacturing practices and create skilled manpower. The initiative strengthens our commitment towards the continuous development of the local talents and contribute towards the Skill India Mission launched by the government.”

JIM has been established from a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) signed in Tokyo on November 11, 2016 between Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Government of Japan and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, for a “Manufacturing Skill Transfer Promotion Program”. Japanese Endowed Courses (JEC) will also be introduced in existing engineering colleges to train 30,000 shop floor leaders and engineers over next ten years.

Kenichiro Toyofuku, Japan and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India said, “YNTC is the world’s first institute to be certified by the Japanese government to impart training on the Japanese way of manufacturing. During my tenure of 12 years in India, I visited around 100 Japanese factories and more than 30 technical institutes but I found IYM Chennai and NTTF to be the best among them. This collaboration will not only help in shaping the career of these young trainees but also support the industry with exceptional and highly skilled manpower.”

YNTC will run a four-year program in manufacturing technology in association with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), an educational foundation aimed at promoting technical education for youth in India. The curriculum provided by YNTC and NTTF is registered under National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), a scheme to promote employability through on the job practical training.

The focus of the program is to target young people residing in the rural areas in India with low income but having the potential to learn and enhance their skills. It offers a 2-year Certificate Program in manufacturing technology followed by a 2-year diploma program. Forty students between 18 to 21 years have been admitted for the academic year. The students are being selected through proper screening, entrance test and counselling.

Over the course of the four-year program, students will learn practical skills in Japanese-style manufacturing, covering nine main areas: motorcycle assembly, parts control, paint, welding, casting, machining (in both aluminium and steel), quality control, and utility techniques. NTTF will be responsible for imparting the class room training whereas IYM will provide On the Job training to the selected students. The entire program will be monitored by a steering committee in India which will provide periodic consultation to resolve issues which may emerge while realising the program.

R Rajagopalan, Deputy MD, NTTF, said, “Our institute’s philosophy is to train youth in acquiring the required skills in order to get employed. Besides our core programs, NTTF is totally committed to train more rural youth under NEEM where trainees will not only learn but also earn to support himself and his/her family.”