Patton Group signs OEM contract with Mexico-based firm

While a number of global and transnational companies are now coming to India to start their business, India’s Patton Group is moving beyond borders. Close on the heels of foraying into warehousing business in the US, Patton International, has signed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) contract with Eaton Crouse Hinds of Mexico. 

And if things move the way it is being envisaged, the Kolkata-headquartered co?mpany will set up a state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Mexico as well, quite in line with what the company has done at Jonesboro, Arkansas and Norfolk, VA, Virginia in the US, said Sanjay Budhia, managing director, Patton International.

Eaton Crouse Hinds has interests in electrical sector, industrial sector including aerospace, hydraulics, filtration and the likes. Patton, on its parts, is a leader in the field of plastic tanks, PVC pipes pallets, chemical storage tanks etc, EMT fitting products to fortune 500 co?mpanies with five plants in different locations. It caters to the electrical market in the US, Canada, Mexico and Middle East.

“This is a great leap forward for Patton. In international market, just in time, expected time of arrival and on time delivery is the game. It is imperative that quality products are delivered at co?mpetitive cost and on right time. Zero deviation from specifications is the norm. There is no room for excuses. It has become necessary for us to have our own full proof and fault-free backup supply ch?ain logistic system in place. 

“It is therefore, crucial to be present strategically close to customers’ locations to stock customer specific products for on-time delivery so that customers remain assured that their ordered materials are available just a call away and also not being reflected in their accounts. That’s exactly what we are doing,” said Budhia.