Discovering cowboy culture

It always amuses when rare events find places in our daily life and left an unforgettable memory. Then brace yourself for the month end as cowboys will be sharing their experiences in the form of poetry.

The national cowboy poetry gathering will take place at Elko, Nevada from January 28 to February 3.

One can discover horseman cultures from around the world, learn a traditional skill, dance the two-step, plan for the West's future with ranchers and conservationists, watch home-made films of rural life and meet new friends at the historic Pioneer Saloon.

Get ready to “experience today’s renaissance of storytelling through poetry, song, video, visual art, new media and more.”

Watch tradition respected and futures embraced with a line-up of favourite familiar faces, plus a talented bunch of new ones who are sure to make their debuts to packed houses (because it’s just that kind of crowd).

If you are ready for a western cultural bash that takes place as much on stage as off, in a town that truly rises to the occasion, get yourself to Elko. Share a story and/or Buckaroo Brew with soon-to-be-former strangers and become a part of the tradition.