Typhoo eyes bigger share in India

The UK-based tea brand has recently launched a range of organic and herbal teas in three unique varieties ' Slim Tea, Root Remedy and Night Time

Offering a well-balanced drink for daily consumption and catering to different moods and palates are going to be two key market differentiators and brand positioning formula for Typhoo, the third largest tea brand from the UK with more than 100-year heritage, now owned by the Apeejay Surrendra Group. With the organic and herbal tea market witnessing a significant upsurge thanks to growing awareness of health, wellbeing and natural ingredients, Typhoo has made up its mind to tap this growing segment much more aggressively.

“Typhoo Organic Herbal range is fast gaining popularity amongst the millennials and metro city consumers. We at Typhoo are the pioneers to launch the indigenous herbal organic tea range in India. A niche consumer segment is getting aware about the product and its benefits but for it to gain popularity and increase consumption Typhoo’s strategy would be to educate the consumers of the various ingredient benefits which are used in the herbal teas. Extensive sampling, influencer marketing, and digital media is being used to promote this organic range,” said Subrata Mukerji, business head, Typhoo India.

He said that the market for organic tea is primarily in the US, Europe & Germany. The market in India is still in the niche segment. However, increasing awareness of health benefits of consumption of herbal tea such as regulation of blood sugar, metabolism booster, among others, are factors expected to propel growth of the herbal tea market.

Typhoo, which at present has 2 varieties of organic and herbal tea – Chamomile and Peppermint in the market, has recently launched a range of organic and herbal teas in 3 unique varieties – Slim Tea, Root Remedy and Night Time.

These are the finest benefit oriented, wellness range sourced from the finest organic farms and estates, crafted by our renowned herb and fruit master blenders. This range is a perfect organic herbal blend of natural elements required to provide holistic health benefits for both mind and body.

Significantly, tea is one of the widely consumed beverages in the country and India is one of the largest tea producers in the world. It is a fully matured category and the penetration level is above 95 per cent. The total branded or the packaged tea (in various forms) market in India is estimated to be nearly Rs 9,500 crore and growing at a CAGR of 5-7 per cent, in line with the population growth. The premium tea segment is around 8-10 per cent of the packaged tea market, comprising mainly of packets and various forms of teabags. Tea bags segment is growing at nearly 15-20 per cent in value terms. Typhoo, which entered the Indian market as late as 2008 with its exquisite range of tea bags in black teas, green teas and fruit infusions, is already aiming to increase its market share to 12-15 per cent in next few years. This is notwithstanding the fact that Typhoo products are priced 25-30 per cent higher over the popular price brands (as it does not compromise on providing high quality ingredients), said Mukerji. The Teabag business of the brand is also steadily growing at 20-25 per cent annually with principal growth coming from the tier I & tier II cities.

Typhoo’s brand philosophy has always been to stay abreast and relevant to the consumer mindset and preference. Its positioning revolves around offering genuine, natural ingredients/ produce from best farms and estates to the end consumer, offering the widest variety for every mood and palate in the product portfolio. The company is extensively sampling to promote its range in retail and at various market place events as well and as well popularise it on the digital platform.

Mukerji said, “Typhoo has a portfolio of widest, pure and natural, finest variety of teas and infusions. It’s positioning revolves around healthy, herbal, organic and natural ingredients which is the growing preference amongst the consumers. Our brand promise is to: Provide the consumer with a wholesome cup of tea, herbal and fruit infusions, Thoughtfully blend the teas with natural ingredients keeping your wellbeing in focus, Offer a well-balanced drink for daily consumption, No chemical adulteration and Offering varieties catering to different moods, palates – suitable for every consumption moment and all occasions.”

For instance, Night Time is a relaxing and restorative caffeine free herbal infusion that balances the delicious floral taste of camomile and rose with the refreshing character of spearmint and lemongrass. Mellow and smooth, these herbs are known to have digestive properties and promote restful sleep. Root Remedy is a caffeine free turmeric infused blend with natural detoxifiers and immunity boosters. The aromatic and earthy notes of Indian ginseng root combined with flavourful cinnamon and ginger, naturally support your wellbeing. And Slim Tea is a metabolism boosting caffeine free herbal blend of fennel, liquorice, lemongrass, senna and psyllium husk. These herbs are known to assist natural weight loss and digestion. The Organic Slim Tea is a perfect choice for the health conscious tea drinker, said Mukerji.