A global platter

Trade Promoters Council of India (TPCI) recently organised an experiential tea tasting and food pairing session, in the presence of renowned tea consultant Amy B Dubin and master culinary craftsman Kumar Sambhav. Both of the culinary masters curated and presented different preparations of exquisite tea and Indian fusion food for international palate.

TPCI invited Amy Dubin to curate an experiential session representing Indian Tea from all over the country like Nilgiris, Kangra, Coonoor, Darjeeling, Assam etc., honoring her ability to create culture and teach vocabulary around tea with the understanding of the complex US market.

The session was a part of the second edition of IndusFood, India’s official, export-focused Food & Beverage Trade fair showcasing the country’s best line-up of food & agriculture products for global buyers that took place on January 14-15.

Kumar Sambhav gave a taste of some famed Indian dishes modified for the international palate during the session such as, Indian Paratha styled Fajitas, Gulab Jamun Roulade, Coconut Kheer etc. Tea curator Amy Dubin regaled with her knowledge and anecdotes about teas from gardens spread across the length and breadth of the Country.

Sharing her experience with Indian tea, Dubin, said,  “I am in India representing Indian tea as a guest of the TPCI because of my passion for Indian tea specifically, my ability to create culture and teach vocabulary around tea, my understanding of the complex US market and my background in event planning. I am very excited to collaborate with Indus Food 2019 and TPCI and take Indian tea to the level it deserves.”

Kumar Sambhav said, “Through my collaboration with TPCI for Indus Food 2019 I tried to create food items with Indian flavors considering the international palate which are easy to eat and very quick to make. I developed these fusion dishes by strictly using homegrown ingredients maintaining its authenticity as an Indian product.”

Mohit Singla, chairman, TPCI, said, “It is now time for Indian chefs and other companies in F&B to come up with competitive and exclusive brands based on Indian culinary expertise, fine-tuned for the world palette. India, already a land synonymous with healthy and tasty food, has the potential to become the powerhouse supplier of products to the global mainstream market, with consumers beyond the Indian diaspora and this will happen when Indian culinary experts start focusing on making in India products that gastronomically appeal to the international tastes.”

Although commodities are very much a part of IndusFood, IndusFood-II has focused on identifying value-added products that have the capacity to fill the market shelves of supermarkets across the world. A special pavilion for emerging brands entailing food innovation was the focus of IndusFood-II, wherein even small companies but having innovative products was showcased, which will help increase their visibility at the global level.

The tradeshow showcased India’s best line-up of food, beverages and agriculture products to global buyers, many of whom have already committed participation in IndusFood-II and are gearing up for B2B meetings and business tie-ups with quality Indian food suppliers, besides generating insights into the large basket of brands, private labels and bulk purchase opportunity for raw items that India can offer to the world.