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MapmyIndia offers cutting-edge and highly dependable people-tracking and vehicle-tracking solutions

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Before the launch of Google Maps in 2005, search of any place in India on Google would lead a user to MapmyIndia, where not only cities, towns and villages, but one could zoom to see even a locality on the maps. Founded in 1995 by Rakesh and Rashmi Verma through their Delhi-based company CE Info Systems, MapmyIndia began producing online maps during the 2000s and it eventually migrated into consumer navigation devices, fleet-tracking solutions for taxi and trucking companies and mobile apps.

In 2010, the company launched a navigation service called Road Pilot, preloaded with Indian cities, villages and destinations and now claims to be the country’s most comprehensive GPS navigation & tracking solutions provider, engaging the user on multiple platforms.

“MapmyIndia has pioneered the GPS Navigation in India. We were the ones who brought the power and benefits of digital maps and GPS navigation to the Indian citizens through MapmyIndia Navigators (Personal Navigation Devices). We have always endeavored to bring the best of location technologies to maximum number of Indians by being platform/industry agnostic. Hence we partnered with leading automotive companies, Governments, Mobile phone manufacturers, logistics companies, Ecommerce companies, Travel companies, Taxi aggregators, Cab operators and many more. We have also launched many consumer applications (Free and Freemium),” said Rakesh Verma, founder & managing director, MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia, which offers cutting-edge and highly dependable people-tracking and vehicle-tracking solutions, has taken some key initiatives.

Smart Digital Address System: MapmyIndia eLoc, a powerful innovation packaged as a simple and easy to use digital address, aims to transform historical addresses and disrupt traditional mapping and navigation services, bringing immense convenience to individuals and significant benefits to businesses and governments across India.  eLoc by MapmyIndia is simply put, the Aadhaar of addresses. eLoc of any place, be it a building/flat/office/business/city/village/locality/road and so on, is a short, 6 character code (for e.g. 8GDTYX, or MMI000), which is easy to remember, share, type and provide.

Smart Cities: MapmyIndia is also playing a key role in developing smart cities and Swacch Bharat initiatives, the company recently implemented India's first GPS Guided Biometric System for the staff and Safaai Karmchaaris of Ambala Municipal Corporation.

Elaborating the company’s growth plans, Verma said, “MapmyIndia’s products and business revolve around Maps, Navigation, Telematics and Analytics. MapmyIndia is an ISO & CMMI certified company that pioneered digital mapping in India. The company has crossed multiple stages of evolution since its inception. From being a mapping company till 2004 (MapmyIndia 1.0), to GPS navigation company (MapmyIndia 2.0) and then, a location based IoT company (MapmyIndia 3.0). The next big thing is to build intelligence and deep learning in the spatial infrastructures and systems that support economy-wide and society-wide needs. We think of driverless autonomous cars, AI based business analytics and decisions support systems to build operational efficiency and business growth.  MapmyIndia 4.0 is transformation of MapmyIndia into a Data platform and Analytics company.”

“We are trying to bridge the gap between physical and digital world, with its ‘Live Data Platform’, which is the next big thing for MapmyIndia 4.0. It gives insights to the new generation of subversive maps that are 3D, real time maps. There are live maps with sensors giving real time data of the 360 degree panoramic real view, along with live traffic data, probe data – essentially big data,” he added.

The company has been continuously monetising map offerings through consumer apps, navigation devices, licensing, map APIs, tracking and analytics. MapmyIndia is one of the very few new-age technology companies that have been profitable and self-sustaining throughout their existence. The promoters still hold the controlling stake while company has received about $30 million in funding. The revenue of the company in 2016-17 was Rs 125 crore and it expecting the revenue would jump to Rs 150 crore in 2017-18.

“MapmyIndia's digital maps are being rapidly adopted by companies across sectors because they are most accurate, comprehensive and fully compliant with GOI guidelines. These are Industry grade maps - MapmyIndia maps (the digital maps on which all the products and solutions are based on) are India’s most comprehensive, exhaustive, detailed maps that offer unmatched coverage with – 12.50 million unique destinations (Points of Interests), expanded coverage of over 5.2 million kilometers of road network, 8000 plus cities at street level with house address level data for more than 200 cities, 600000 villages and 3D & 2D landmarks in 75 cities,” said Verma.

While some of the leading automotive companies like Toyota, GM, M&M,  Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors, Renault etc are using MapmyIndia maps, the company’s engagement is not restricted to automotive but is across sectors and includes leading names amongst ecommerce and aggregators, cab companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Ola Cabs and Avis, to name a few. The company has also helped many government along with its various departments with its solutions and technology.

One of the recent initiatives by the company is an analytical project aimed at identifying the new tax payers for the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) through the following process.

# Mapping out transactions on a digital map

# More accurate assessment of income using the location component

# The location is linked to the PAN card, helps identify where they (taxpayers) are located

# Helping the department in verifying and interlinking addresses of the individual tax payees - An automated system to do so

# This is a multi-agency initiative and MapmyIndia is helping with the location component

The company's solutions are also helping companies secure their staff and assets. And even individuals are using the solutions for the safety of their loved ones and vehicles. Many travel and cab services have deployed MapmyIndia tracking which is not just helping them secure passengers but also contributing significantly towards enhancing their service levels and operational efficiencies. Leading cab operators like Ola Cabs, LPTI etc. are using the tracking solution.

“Diversification at every level, be it technology, product, or industry verticals we support, has been the key to a sustainable and profitable model that MapmyIndia has implemented. However, we have been very clear and ensured that all our plans and actions stay aligned to the company's mission of ‘Making the world better through maps and location technology',” said Verma.