EID MUBARAK... ...Not without Eidi for these goodies

As Muslims across the country get ready this weekend for the impending Eid festivities, we list a few items which could add to the preparations for that sliver Eid crescent.

EID MUBARAK... ...Not without Eidi for these goodies
EID MUBARAK... ...Not without Eidi for these goodies

Goodearth has a variety of options to brighten up both your home and your wardrobe. The legendary Eid feast deserves an epic presentation. The fine bone china ‘Nishaat’ tableware with floral accents or glistening ‘Kansa’ plates compliments the delectable and delightful sheer korma and siwain. Pamper your near and dear ones with items from the brands various collections.

Sustain: Seerat Collection: Rs.8000/- onwards; Gulnazm Collection: Rs. 6500/- onwards

Home: Kansa Collection: Rs.850/- onwards; Nishaat Collection: Rs. 6000/- onwards; Imperial Garden Cushion Collection: Rs. 4500/- onwards; Tashkent Cushion Collection: Rs. 5600/- onwards

This season allow Bombay Perfumery to replace traditional ittar with these fine scents.  Moire 100ml eau de parfum: Rs 4,100; 1020 100ml eau de parfum: Rs 4,100

Longchamps Le Pliage Neo Backpack makes for a great graduation present  Rs. 25,000

AM: PM’s Warli collection inspired from the geometric shapes and ancestral figures depicted in the Warli style of art and tribal ornaments is perfect for the occasion