Being intelligent is beautiful

Kolkata's home-grown Joy Personal Care's latest campaign REFLECTS its brand philosophy 'Beautiful by Nature'

Coughing up eight times the brand’s topline in campaign (from early days) may sound like a hyperbole, but that’s exactly what the Kolkata’s home-grown Joy Personal Care from the stable of RSH Global Pvt Ltd has done to become what it is today- one of the top eight personal care brands in the country in its own right. And not just in terms of spending, but also in case of selecting its brand endorsers and reflecting its brand philosophy, it has been breaking stereotypes. And the strategy has been paying off too. While the skincare segment (within the personal care market) estimated to be Rs 13000 crore is growing at 10 per cent annually, Joy has been growing at a CAGR of nearly 25 per cent. The company, which has notched up a turnover of close to Rs 500 crore is confident of crossing the Rs 1000 crore mark by 2022-23, riding on its expansion plans, said Sunil Agarwal, chairman, RSH Global Pvt Ltd.

At present the company has four facilities – two at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, one in Kolkata (West Bengal) and one in Guwahati (Assam) with an overall capacity of 18,000 MT. It is putting up a new plant at Baddi  with a capital outlay of Rs 80 crore-Rs 100 crore. At the same time, the company, which sells its products through 7.5 lakh outlets across the country, will add another 4.5 lakh outlets over the next 2/3 years. It is also strengthening its R&D unit based out of Kolkata. On the exports front, the company, which at present exports to as many as 25 countries with exports value of Rs 15 crore, is looking at new geographies and exporting its products to 40 countries with an overall exports value of over Rs 50 crore over the next 2/3 years, said Agarwal. Currently it exports to SAARC countries, middle east countries and Africa. Interestingly, while products are exported under the brand name- Joy to SAARC countries, beyond SAARC, it exports under Karis brand name. The company also has a third brand- X-Men.

Quite significantly, on the domestic front, the brand, despite being born out of and headquartered in Kolkata (West Bengal), has never focussed on Bengal market. “Now we have decided to focus on the markets of Bengal, Maharashtra, UP and Delhi,” said Agarwal. Interestingly, JOY, the women’s personal care brand, enjoys a 46 per cent market share in the moist cream category for women, and a 20 per cent market share in the sunscreen category; both in terms of volume, according to recent Nielsen MAT data. The JOY product range includes Skin Fruits, Honey & Almond, Pure Aloe and Hello Sun which are made from natural ingredients and extracts.

Explaining how they have all along preferred being offbeat, Poulomi Roy, chief marketing officer, RSH Global, said, “We do not believe in typecasting beauty, we discuss and debate on the various stereotypes that are attached to a woman’s appearance. The beauty of a woman lies not just in the way she looks but also in the way she exudes confidence, pride and smartness. We believe in our brand philosophy that every woman is born beautiful and it translates into our products which are made from the goodness of nature (natural extracts). Our latest brand campaign features a woman like Mouni Roy (actor) – who is most certainly categorised as a conventional beauty, and hence, is often subjected to real-life situations where people appreciate only her external beauty and not her intellect. She is a well-read woman, yet, not much has ever been told or spoken about her beyond her looks. We try to choose people who have an interesting story to lend to our brand philosophy ‘Beautiful by Nature’.”

“We always seek to shatter the stereotypes and reinforce the belief that each and every woman is naturally beautiful, or ‘Beautiful By Nature’. The campaign with comedian Bharti Singh in 2016, where the brand asserted that beauty has got nothing to do with the weight of a woman, as well as the latest campaign with actress Mouni Roy, where it questions the deep-rooted misconceptions that physical beauty of a woman is inversely proportional to her intelligence is a case in point,” said Agarwal. The TVC, featuring Mouni, conveys the message that every woman is endowed with both intelligence and beauty; it’s our perspective that needs to be changed. Interestingly, X-MEN – the men’s personal care brand, has the Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja as its brand ambassador.

“Since time immemorial, several stereotypes have been attached with women’s beauty, one among them being, good looking women achieve success only by their good looks. In our society it is assumed that a beautiful woman is brainless. For me, intelligence and beauty always go hand in hand. In fact, I believe, being intelligent is beautiful. I am glad that JOY has come out with a campaign basis the same belief and chosen me to be the face for the same,” said Mouni Roy. In another unconventional practice, all the brand campaigns are conceived, designed and developed in house.