Art from Dirt

This NGO has taken Art as a cause to heal the society and create job opportunity by skilling under privileged kids living in small villages located in Delhi. Run by Anjali Jain, Kala Drishti is taking major steps to support environment with the motive of clean and educate India and mould it in a creative way. They work with new artists by giving them job opportunities. They have taken best of out of waste as the agenda to create beautiful decor items and many other social activities.

According to Anjali, we are living in a society where usage of plastic and harmful material is highly consumed that causes different kind of diseases and is diminishing the atmosphere. “Artists realise that we should do something for preserving our atmosphere from harmful material before nature will destroy us from this planet. Hence we at Kala Drishti decided to collect waste material like disposed CDs, batteries, cloth, ice cream sticks, plastic, wood etc. combine them and converted those waste into some interesting artworks for home with a message which describes our story,” she explains.

As an artist and working with Delhi tourism, Anjali had travelled around to understand different art culture of other countries. “I realised that other countries are taking much efforts to promote visual arts. Europe and many countries in Asia are highly evolved and are appreciated but in India, artists are always demoralised by the family first then by the government. Travelling to different countries has enabled me to get a bigger picture of what needs to be done to promote our own artists,” she recalls adding, “We have somewhat taken this form of art for granted. It’s especially important for a country like India to give its artists the platform. We boast of a rich heritage and amazing talent in this space. If we are doing well in music, we are doing well in painting, sculpting and other art forms too. We are definitely advancing but a lot of work has to be done in the area to realise the full potential of our artists.”

Kala Drishti was founded in 2011 by mother-daughter duo, Anjali and Ritika Jain. Now almost 150-200 artists are associated with Kala Drishti and they are providing them opportunities to showcase their art works through organising exhibitions, workshops and collaboration with government.

The aim was to promote the upcoming artists who have talent but due to shortage of funds and contacts are not  able to pursue art as a career. The NGO claims to organise a number of exhibitions, shows, workshop, symposiums for such artists. Artists make hand painted gift items, table mats and décor items for home. The NGO also organises summer camps and art classes for school children. “We have adopted a village and are teaching art and skill to children. We are also taking environment related issues seriously,” says Anjali.

Kala Drishti is running a cleanliness campaign in Karkardooma village and converting an otherwise dirty village to an art village with children’s contribution. This activity is being done under the guidance of professional artists. They are getting dustbin's placed, hand painted by village kids and paint walls into art piece.

Many of their artifacts are sold on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc. In coming months they are planning to open outlets in Delhi and hope to move to other countries too, boasts Anjali.