Tech & Indian lifestyle
Pulak Satish Kumar

Tech & Indian lifestyle
Tech & Indian lifestyle

You wake up; gr?o?ggily pick up yo?ur phone and swipe through countless em?ai?ls, calls and app notifications. You get out of bed, get ready for work and with a few quick swipes on your screen, a cab arrives at your doorstep. While you are at work, a few more screen swipes and a vacuum cleaner cleans your home before you get back. Get home, and there’s no need to cook because your trusty phone can also have food delivered right to your doorstep.

As little as a decade ago, the above scenario would so?u?nd just as realistic as pigs flying. But today, this is our reality. Whether we realise it or not, technology has see?p?ed deep into our lives and pe?rvaded through most of our daily tasks. Everything from how we eat to how we travel is laced with technology and this is quickly making the wo??rld an easier place to live in.

In India as well, the techn?ological revolution is well underway. From simple apps to playing ga?m?es on our ph?one, we have re?ached the stage where artif?i?cial intelligence (AI) allows us to step inside the game and live it. While vacuum cl?e?aning has been here for a wh?ile, we now have Wi-Fi and AI thr?o?u?gh which we can order vacuum cleaners to work with no human intervention.

Here is a detailed analysis of how every aspect of the Indian lifestyle has been impacted by technology.

Food delivery

A major transformation in the Indian food delivery industry came about when res?ta?urants employed the internet and began taking orders online. The process further evolved as companies, such as Swiggy and Zomato, rolled out technology through whi?ch users could track their ord?ers through an app. Partnering up with digital payment methods, food delivery apps have now completely digitised the food ordering and payment process to the extent that we barely need to ever make a call to the rest?aurant. We could be sitting in a meeting and ordering our mom’s favourite pizza for her back at home or make dinner reservations while on our way back from work, all with a few clicks and swipes!


As smart televisions mer?g?ed television channels with online content, home entertainment took a huge stride ahead. Instead of watching a small set of television channels, Indian viewers upgraded to on-demand viewing. Gaming on bulky consoles transformed into sleek virtual reality (VR) gaming platforms. Everything from bo?oks to music is now available on streamlined apps that are accessible and easy to use from the comfort of one’s ho?me. Want to watch a chic fli?ck? Just browse through Netflix on your large LED (light-emitting diode) screen and you will get tonnes of recommendations. Feel like reading a mystery thriller in the middle of the night but do not really have one on your bookshelf? Your e-reader will sort you out in minutes!


Artificial intelligence has ushered in an era where machines are able to handle a huge chunk of human tasks. Home cleaning is one of these tasks that can be completely transferred to robots. Home cleaning robots are equipped with dirt sensing technology and can vacuum or mop floors independently. These Wi-Fi-enabled robots can be accessed remotely using mobile phone apps. Consider a robot cleaning your house even when you are not home and it sounds just like a futuristic novella. But it’s happening already! Companies like iRobot are changing the way we perform everyday tasks with their state-of-the-art products, which do not just do a very thorough job but also turn out to be more cost-effective in the long term.


Evaluating technological revolutions, it appears that technology has had the most impact on the way we communicate. The ubiquity of texting, video calling and social networking is such that it has made the humble landline phone obsolete. With their high-speed data connections and unlimited mobile apps for communication, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Further, social media has ensured that we stay in touch with people across the globe from the palm of our hands. Thus, no matter what the naysayers may argue, ultimately the advent of technology allows you to speak to your sister who lives in Canada whenever you want or keep in touch with your spouse each day while they are away for work in another city, and there is no denying the wonderful appeal of such convenience and connectivity!


From booking your vacation to sending holiday pictures to friends and family, technology has taken charge all the way. While online tr?a?vel booking portals help people book hotels, flights and even experiences from their homes, social networks such as Instagram ensure that tr?avel photos last forever and are easily shared with the world. Technologies like GPS (global positioning system) and language translators also make sure that wherever you go, you are never lost. Chatbots and instant payment methods contribute to hassle-free travelling while reviews have made it so much easier to book the holiday of your dreams. Feeling like saying a big thanks you to technology? Well, so do we!

So, if you stop and introspect, you will find that technology has deeply rooted itself in the Indian lifestyle. Technology has helped turn imagination into reality and until human imagination ke?eps running wild, technological innovations will continue to arise. We humans, in turn, are in for quite a comfortable ride it seems!

 (The writer is COO of Puresight Systems)