When optimism is epitomised

Optimism not only exemplifies a corporeal, emotive and practical sense of the future, it alsopersonifies, in more ways than one, our resolve. It holds a huge implication for us to have faith in our dreams, vision, objectives and also ourselves. It includes a state of diligence, in the midst of obstacles. In a rational sense, optimism is the fine adjustment of our infinite thought processes. It holds the ‘control’ to self-belief, self-motivation and self-direction. It not only helps us to withstand life’s myriad storms, it also goads us to keep at it, and keep it going, notwithstanding our adversities.

Yet, the fact is: optimism is not ‘easy-come,’ or ‘easy-go,’ more so, when we give up submissively. On the other hand, the more we cultivate the power of optimism in us, the more equipped we will all be to ignite the spark of hope that is latent in us.

Optimism emerges on a daily basis. It offers us a purpose, or intent, to achieve our goals. It urges us to awaken at first light, each day, and live our life with a hopeful quest — to meeting objectives, dissipating difficulties with animated aptitude and enterprise, or overcoming problems in life, or career.

It is also surmounting challenges with common sense and vibrant pragmatism — while keeping a watch on the right time, or right moment, to arrive, or making things happen when nothing seems to happen.

Optimism is not just the quintessence of our resolve; it is reinforced refinement in our thought process. It allows us to endure difficulties and reinvent oneself after every failure, or disappointment — to keep at it, without giving up and not veering away from one’s goals, come what may. 

There is yet another facet to optimism. You’d call it ‘time frame’ — this is something that allows things you want to happen to happen at a time you reckon is fit. This is the fulcrum too that drives our aspirations, while providing a definitive meaning and sense of purpose to our everyday life and endeavours — without getting wobbled by setbacks, while doing our best with a tireless resolve.

When we build such a ‘mindful firewall’ all along our journey called life, it activates a new dimension within our psyche. You’d call it a process that initiates and enables us to execute a project, while learning, or taking up a new skill, or interest, and driving it through challenges. This leads to what is, in simple terms, called as character building, accomplishment, or fulfilment. It is life-sustaining, elevating, and also refining the jagged edges. What drives the ‘progression engine’ of optimism is our inhabitant, living soul, placed within our mind-body context — to bring about not just change, but also transformation, in the long-term, and not just the interim.

The foundation for optimism is timeless. For philosophers like Plato and Aristotle optimism celebrated a mindful, or mental, ‘temper’ that, in turn, fashioned behaviours critical for governance. In the modern, psychological context, optimism is nothing but a vital cog of emotional intelligence, aside from being a dynamic that drives success in word and deed. All of us are endowed with such a trait in a manner born — it is up to us to be able to recognise it and appreciate how to position, use and ‘buoy up’ such a gift that resides in us. The best part — optimism is a perpetual tool too. It allows us to augment our present situation, go beyond hardships, and do our utmost for a higher purpose. This is not just a choice; it is the finest prescription to transform oneself from the inside out.

 (The writer is a wellness physician, independent researcher and author)