Letting go: new leap of faith

As the cool, tranquil draft of winter envelopes our face, it ushers in early dusk. It strikes a chord, reminding us that it is time for the trees to smile and their leaves to fall — while bringing in added happiness and sparkle into our life. This is reminiscent of every changing season — as the leaves fall, insidiously, the whole process tells us that it is time to ‘let go’ things, especially certain unpleasant things in our life, or relationships. It celebrates yet another metaphor — that negative thoughts are like falling leaves.

The more you discard, or shed, them, it brings you, and for others around, a new glow of optimism and also happiness. In other words, it is akin to ringing out the old and ringing in the new — of new thoughts, dreams and hopes.

In the present, contemporary, or contextual sense, this process is called purging, emptying, or emotional ‘detox’ — of ridding oneself of something ‘timeworn,’ be it unwanted or undesirable baggage, to making space for something fresh and new. This eliminating progression is not as easy as it may sound on the surface. This is primarily because of our human nature, or inclination, to hold on to things howsoever unimportant they may be, just as much as we deflect blame, or justify things, as most of us do, by holding the accusing finger not at our ego, or the ‘control’ switch, but others.

Yet, the fact is simple. The more the control freak you are, the more the annoyance, discontent, depression, or moody blues. Remember: every change occurs in the mind. The best thing to do is to ‘let go’ your nightly shadows and bring in daylight. You will be all the more happier and thankful for it.

The whole idea of purging is as old as civilisation. It may have originated as a religious exercise, alright; or, a spiritual journey. Today, it has expanded primarily as a cleansing practice that helps one rid themselves of their negativity and move into a whole, new frame of positivity.

It relates to bringing in hope and elevating it to the next level too. It purports to our emotional thoughts, or celebrating the archetypical emptying process, as a way of thought, or reflex mechanism, that defines our lives as nothing but a sequence of chapters full of ups, downs, profit, loss, imbalance and balance.

What is more, the fact always remains that there is a higher purpose of ‘letting go’ negativity in the midst of change. This holds a definitive promise, also purpose — a ‘collateral’ we all owe to ourselves that something of equivalent or better value will always follow change. To highlight a philosophical exemplar — it is aptly said that to be in our world we should experience as many positive thoughts as possible, without getting ‘shipwrecked’ in despair.

This optimises our emotional health and physical well-being too — apart from our essential wisdom. It helps us to ‘walk the talk’ and cover the full extent of our journey, on planet earth, with ease, while relishing the simple abundance of life to the full.

Yet, this is, ironically, nothing short of a formidable challenge. It represents trepidation, or fear; also, uncertainty. It is tantamount, no less, to reaching the summit of a peak and looking over the edge, while taking a step back, and hoping that there could be just another, perhaps easier, route. The real fact is: there is just one path. To ‘let go’ fully and descend with our two feet on the ground. You’d call it your big, new leap of faith as also embracing fresh insights.

 (The writer is a wellness physician, independent researcher and author)