• Prabhu Express has trundled into town with a cargo of feel-good promises

    Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, punning on his own name, sought divine intervention more than once while delivering his maiden rail budget last Thursd

  • The survey paints an optimistic future, but sees little scope for a bang

    The Economic Survey, which comes out a day before the Union budget, is widely regarded as its forerunner, an indicator of things to come 24 hours late

  • A budget that promises to go miles in transforming the railways

    Suresh Prabhu’s rail budget has marked a departure from convention, both in style and substance.

  • Only a sustained reforms push can drive railways out of the red

    Suresh Prabhu’s rail budget, coming two days ahead of Arun Jaitley’s general budget, will be as crucial to the Indian railways as to the BJP in th

  • Protesting land acquisition in parliament serves no economic purpose

    The NDA government’s biggest hurdle in unveiling the centrepiece of its economic reforms agenda, the land acquisition bill, is going to be opposed t