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    By Bhairav Dalal & Nishant Kapadia

    There is little doubt that India’s growth story is intrinsically linked to its developing real estate sector. The contribution of this sector to India’s upward mobility over the last

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    Employing more than 53,731 people in over 160 countries, Adidas produces more than 660 million product units every year and generate sales of ¤14.5 billion (all figures relate

  • The unwinding of easy monetary policy by the US Fed is bound to have a deep impact on the stock market, the rupee and companies that have huge loads of

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    In this column FC
    gives its view on new
    financial products launched in the market. This is a subjective view

  • If there’s one area of my life I have absolutely zero complaints about it’s my rental flat. I don’t mean the flat itself that’s

  • Mar
    By Manu Rajendra

    The interior design segment in India is undergoing a sea change with global trends, designs and materials finding a place in our living spaces, and at the same time as

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    India’s stellar market performance over the past 12 months has left many observers asking whether it is sustainable in the long run. Sukumar Rajah, managing director and chief investment

  • By Sarabjit Kour Nangra, VP, research - IT, Angel Broking

    The last quarter witnessed a strong volume growth coming in through, despite being traditionally weak quarter for the industry; indicative of the strong demand environment.
    But the reported numbers were

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    When a man acknowledged as integrity personified faces the prospect of being hauled over the coals for an act of alleged malfeasance that he might not have been personally responsible

  • Prime minister Nar­endra Modi’s Indian Ocean yatra is a recognition of the significance of the Indian Ocean to India’s strategic thinking. The Indian Ocean region is of major strategic