• Oct
    By Sanjay Budhia

    At this juncture the larger concern is to make the manufacturing sector the prime mover of India’s export push. During the past several years the composition of

  • Oct
    By Nirmal Jain

    Since last Diwali Indian equities have soared 24. 8 per cent in a rally founded on a new-found hope that the new central government will usher in radical reforms

  • The over-confidence effect is a well-established bias in which a person’s subjective confidence in his judgments is mostly greater than the objective accuracy of those judgments, especially when confidence is

  • By Preeti Shenoy

    Not tonight, dear, I have a headache’ is a term oft quoted, much maligned and perhaps a bit too stereotypical, existing during the time when withholding sex was used

  • 1. If not in business what would you have been?A painter

  • Oct
    By Arnav Pandya

    Investors often get confused about the basics of their investments. One particular problem is difficulty in distinguishing between a mutual fund (MF) and a unit-linked insurance policy (Ulip)

  • Oct
    By Sanjay Dutt

    The retail real estate demand is unlikely to dec­line, despite the growth of e-commerce sector, as most Indian customers like to visit stores for the look and feel of the

  • By Kumar Rajagopalan

    Retail in India is undergoing a huge activity. The development of malls coupled with the entry of new modern retailers including those promoted by the likes of

  • By Ranjit Bhushan

    Back in the heady 1950s, the halcyon days of India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, when his word was considered the last on every subject under the sun, the question

  • By Mary Mitchell

    Pay no attention to sceptics who claim that meetings are nothing more than an irritant. Meetings — and your meeting manners — are vitally important especially in our