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    1 What is your leadership mantra?
    To be fair, humane and maintain good humour while being resilient and focused on my goals.

    2How do you maintain your own safety?
    I maintain

  • By Pradyot Lal

    One is sure that prime minister Modi must have told Vlad-imir Putin that “every child in India knows that our closest friend is Russia.” Even before the historic

  • By Gour Mohan Kapur

    Forts all over the world are built to be impregnable. The more difficult it is to access the better it is for the fort

  • By Senjam Raj Sekhar

    1. Which is the island that became world famous in 1982 and is named after a Scottish noble named Anthony Carey?


  • By Preeti Shenoy

    A question: What does a young, independent wo­man living in an urban city in modern India do to unwind, after a hard day of work?
    Answer: She goes home like a

  • In this column FC gives its view on new financial products launched in the market. This is a subjective view

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    NIIT Technologies is a global IT solutions
    organisation addressing the requirements of clients across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It was ranked No 1 across all

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    Prakashan s, owner of a small kirana shop in down market central Chennai for the past 20 years, has not heard of foreign direct investment (FDI). Nor does he

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    1. A living legend that you admire the most and why?
    I admire Amitabh Bachchan for his versatility hard-working attitude and never-say-die spirit


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    By Team Deccan Chronicle

    While most newspapers will publish advertisements for a certain sum and news is never paid for, the leading paper of India has turned this on its head. It publishes