• Dec

    In the looking glass war, where bitter adversaries - Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry - are holding a mirror to each other and revealing their warts to the public at large, shareholder value is being eroded.

  • Pakistani prime minister’s foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz’s presence at the Heart of Asia conference in Amritsar would have provided an opportunity to restart communication with Pakistan, but

  • The concept of working from home seems to have been catching the fancy of both the employers and the employees. Companies are increasingly providing this option on their employee

  • One of the sights that greet me when I go for my evening walks, is groups of old people, who gather around on benches, to chat. The women and

  • The Indian cricket team’s victory at Mohali ensured that the series with England seems to be well settled although they still have to win it comprehensively. The English side

  • Vani Jairam. Does the name sound familiar? For today’s generation born post-liberalisation it wouldn’t ring a slightest bell

  • Dec

    ATM-maker NCR Corporation claims to have recalibrated 90 per cent cash-dispensing machines across the country post-demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in the last 20 days. The

  • Nov

    Foreign funds are looking at India’s demonitisation move in positive light, as it could offer a lot of long-term benefits — although it could hit growth in the short- term.

  • Nov

    Toyota Prius has not exactly been a hit with car buyers in Asia’s third biggest car market, the rising pollution in Delhi and Mumbai, the biggest car markets in the

  • Until Nov­em­ber 8 demonetisation was not part of the Dalal Street lingo. The younger generation of traders wouldn’t even have heard of the term