• Aug

    It was just another typical week which saw a few days of correction in the Nifty and a recouping of all losses in one shot. This had been the

  • Jul

    Weekly gains for the Nifty 50 index was not much but the market sentiments on most days were positive. Clearly index management was going on

  • Jul

    The macroformations that had been appearing on broader market indices from March this year gained more strength last week. The trend of a narrow range-bound consolidation was visible

  • Jul

    It is clear that bulls are in no mood to leave the ground they have regained after almost a year’s struggle. This was on display last week

  • Jul

    There are phases when the Nifty’s moves do not reflect the on ground situation in the equity market. And such phases do come often

  • Jul

    How the sentiment has changed in a week! From panic that exit of Britain from the Euro­p­ean Union will trigger a collapse of the global economic order, the mood in

  • Jun

    Expect the unexpected is one of the basic principles of trading. That is just what happened last week when Britain voted to move out of the European Union

  • Jun

    Last week was a highly volatile one in which probably all the patterns emerged on the candle-stick charts. A gap down opening then a recovery from the lows

  • Jun

    On the face of it, the Nifty 50 index closed last week with a loss of 50 points, but the fact is that such minor falls indicated the ability of

  • Jun

    After a sharp run-up in the previous week, the Nifty consolidated last week and ended with a gain of only two points. As the market comes close to its