• Mar

    NIFTY’s southward movement intensified last week as the broader market breadth shrank. As we had mentioned in this space earlier the equity market tends to come under strong

  • Mar

    Following the passage of the insurance bill in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Nifty opened with a gap up on Friday morning. But in less than two hours, it slipped

  • Jun
    By Rajiv Nagpal

    Nifty ended last week with a loss of just 31 points but bullish sentiment prevailed on Dalal Street, which took much more of a hit than the cut in Nifty.

  • May

    Here’s a conundrum. If one looks at the weekly charts Nifty ended last week with gains

  • Apr

    After running up sharply Nifty appears to be riding a wave of consolidation. Such consolidation is a good omen for options writers as they are able to enjoy

  • Mar
    By Rajiv Nagpal

    After a two-week move towards consolidation Nifty witnessed a breakout in upward direction last week. Along with this came a strong push to bullish sentiment prevailing on the

  • Mar

    The first serious attempt in four months to move up and form an all-time high was finally successful in last Friday’s trading session in real terms. The term “real”

  • Mar

    It was the first week in the last four months, when both Nifty and market breadth remain positive for all the four trading sessions. In the last one month,

  • Feb

    While Nifty moved in a range-bound mode market sentiment was better last week. In the two trading sessions in which Nifty moved sharply upward it came in

  • Feb

    Nifty continued with its range-bound movement last week, but managed to narrow the range in which it moved from the one in which it had been moving in the weeks