• Feb

    Equity markets undergo three types of volatility: there is volatility with a negative bias, then there is volatility with a bullish bias, and finally, there is simple plain volatility.

  • Jan

    Last week was another highly volatile one; the only difference was that it was biased towards bulls. No major positive news flows came in still indices could move

  • Jan

    The Nifty lost just 17 points last week, but the dent on the market in terms of the decline in midcap stocks and the broader market sentiment was severe.

  • Jan

    Global equity markets remained under pressure as the news flow from China remained negative. But more troubling for the Indian market was that even on days when European

  • Jan

    The dragon once again scared the global equity markets, whether it was emerging or developed market, all saw sharp corrections on the back of news flows that emerged from China.

  • Jan

    At the start of 2015, hardly anyone could imagine that the performance of the equity market, from the perspective of index movement would be so lackluster. At the start

  • Dec

    Normally in a holiday season, markets remain in a narrow range-bound mode with modest volumes, but last week the Indian market witnessed volatile moves – it went up on Monday,

  • Dec

    A big event that the global financial markets were waiting for got over last week when the US Federal Reserve finally raised the policy rates by 25 basis points.

  • Dec

    The holiday season is about to start in the west, but it appears the bulls have already gone on a holiday here. Both market breadth and Nifty 50 remained

  • Dec

    Nothing much had happened to the Nifty 50 in the first half of last week, though it traded with a marginally negative bias. But broader market sentiment was relatively