• May

    The equity market seems to have got past the negative phase after some sharp corrections in the past two months. Following a textbook pattern it has anchored its

  • May

    The market continued to convulse in the throes of volatility. Both overnight and intraday volatilities were so high through the week that even the best traders found it difficult

  • May

    It is not easy to break out of a bear hug. And Dalal Street is relearning this old lesson at a huge cost

  • May

    Bears have come out of their long hibernation and made sharp and cunning charges to wrest control of the market last week. And this exerted immense pressure on the

  • Apr
    By Bharat Gianani Senior research analyst, Angel Broking

    After two consecutive years of lacklustre growth (FY13 and FY14) FY15 marked the year of recovery for the automobile sector. Positive consumer sentiments and improved economic outlook after

  • Mar

    NIFTY’s southward movement intensified last week as the broader market breadth shrank. As we had mentioned in this space earlier the equity market tends to come under strong

  • Mar

    Following the passage of the insurance bill in Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Nifty opened with a gap up on Friday morning. But in less than two hours, it slipped

  • Jun
    By Rajiv Nagpal

    Nifty ended last week with a loss of just 31 points but bullish sentiment prevailed on Dalal Street, which took much more of a hit than the cut in Nifty.

  • May

    Here’s a conundrum. If one looks at the weekly charts Nifty ended last week with gains

  • Apr

    After running up sharply Nifty appears to be riding a wave of consolidation. Such consolidation is a good omen for options writers as they are able to enjoy