Moneyball: The Value of ‘S’ & Hidden Assets

The most respected person right now in the Rs 32,000-crore RP Sanjiv Goenka (RPSG) group is the numerologist who understood the value of one 'S' in a name. Rather, the invaluable benefits of dropping 'S' from a name.

Disequilibrium : No more episodic reforms

When you come to a fork in the road, you have to decide which way to go? Between objectivity and subjectivity, I would personally much rather choose objectivity for it allows one to stay on the path of moral equivalence; if I allow my biases to creep in, then I lose the moral high ground of equilibrium, clarity of thought, lucidity of purpose and perspicuity. To assess Narendra Modi’s three years as Prime Minister is not an easy task, for when he stormed to power, he arrived slap bang in the midst of the political firmament as a deeply divisive and polarising figure.

ScreenSavour: Direct Cut

It is always very interesting to read about directors talking about their cinematic mentors and favourite filmmakers, but one rarely comes across directors who criticise others of their trade; such criticisms are confined to private gatherings over copious alcohol and close friends. Mutual admiration in public forums is the general norm, even if one does not admire — or outright hates another’s films. No one wants to get into the bad books of his peers and receive bad press; every celebrity puts on a pleasant and charming façade for the sake of propriety.

RISKFACTOR: Don’t overreach

Think of the following statements — “No matter what I do, I have the highest standards for myself.” “I never settle for second best.” “I will wait for the best option no matter how long it takes.” If you found yourself in agreement to these questions, you have the tendency to maximise. As an example, think of yourself searching for an apartment to rent.

Close-in: THE WIN-WIN Game

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 has been a resounding success. There has been an increase in every area of its operation. The fan following has generated new entrants and the interaction with them has shown the power of the new multimedia mediums.
The stadiums have been bursting with happy and fun loving spectators enjoying every moment of the game. Cricket is only one part of it, whereas soaking in the atmosphere with painted faces, placards and boisterous behaviour has made the IPL a true entertainer.

Ruminations: Party on the move

The period between 1952 and 57, which represented the height of the Nehru era, and Narendra Modi’s first term as prime minister, have an uncanny resemblance. Both periods have an all-powerful party that consumes all others big and small. The Socialists and the Communists were among those that fared poorly in elections when Nehru was prime minister even though they had sterling leaders.

Diplomatic Enclave: Common friend

India and Palestine enjoy historically close and friendly ties. The recent visit of Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas was a reaffirmation of those ties made necessary due to the high-visibility blossoming of India’s relations with Israel.

Fifth Columnist: Isolation, no problems

With the International Court of Justice (ICJ) pronouncing its preliminary verdict on the trial of former Indian naval commander Kulbhushan Jadhav, the key question among those interested is this: where does the case go from here?
When Pakistan’s intelligence agencies laid their hands on Jadhav, Islamabad believed that they had finally got the smoking gun needed to prove beyond doubt that New Delhi was behind the separatist movement in troubled Balochistan, also Pakistan’s largest province.

Spy’s eye: Tame the Terror

India is facing a crucial moment in history as it can no-longer remain ‘non aligned’ in the face of the emerging axis of evil that is preparing to confront it literally from all sides. Sino-Pak alliance hides an anti-India military objective and the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) hyped as the symbol of China’s much publicised One Belt One Road (OBOR) covers up for the joint usurpation of India’s territory falling in Pak- occupied Kashmir by these hostile neighbours.

Slice of life: don’t pretend, take pride in being what you are

Bow-wow, a 30-year-old rapper and actor recently became the butt of ridicule on social media for posting a photo on his Instagram account, where he said he was boarding a private jet at Atlanta. Bow-wow, whose real name is Shad Moss frequently, posts pictures of his lavish lifestyle. He is very successful in his music career, having sold more than 10 million albums. He has a massive online following of more than 3.4 million on Instagram. It turned out that the picture, which Bow-wow posted was an image ripped off the Internet, and it wasn’t even at Atlanta.