Spy’s eye: Taking on a rogue state

The order of International Court of Justice (ICJ) calling upon Pakistan not to execute the former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, pending its final decision in the matter, has completely exposed that lawless country before the world community. Jadhav abducted by Pak intelligence from the Iran side of Pak-Iran border was charged with the entire range of crimes from espionage, sabotage to terrorism and awarded death sentence by an opaque military court in a highly dubious manner – characteristic of an Army-ruled dispensation.

gizmo geek: The smartest shower of them all

We know that smartphones are a necessary evil, and may just admit that smart watches are not so bad either. Perhaps we are even beginning to acknowledge, however grudgingly, that smart gadgets are going to take over our homes and roads sooner or later. But what would you say to a smart bathroom? Specifically, a smart shower that knows exactly how you like to begin your day or end it.

Slice of life: A refuge, indeed

My family and I had a unique opportunity over the weekend. We had no idea what we were in for, but are overwhelmed by our visit to this lovely home.

Moodindigo: Unity in adversity

In the aftermath of the Manchester attack we are yet again inundated with the platitudes and denouncements which rim these atrocities. There are different emotions at play, sadness, anger, despair, helplessness and increasing murmurs of stoicism that extoll you to accept this as the new normal. Mumbai, Paris, Manchester, Dhaka, a growing list of terror attacks that aim to attack not only “infidels” but a way of life and in particular the young. The Manchester, Dhaka and Paris attacks specifically targeted the young involved in “sinful” activities as per this perverted ideology.

Close-in: SA looks favourite

The mini cricket World Cup, as one would term the Champions Trophy, will get underway on June 1 in England and Wales.

Freedom Files : Creating a communal cleave

The Nawab of Bhopal Sir Hafiz Hamidullah Khan, saboteur in chief as Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes was constantly looking at ways and means to stay out of the dragnet of the Congress and the ambit of the new Dominion of India. As the end neared, he grew more desperate. His attempts at garnering support for a Third Dominion over and above India and Pakistan were legendary and in his role as Mohd. Ali Jinnah's instrumentality inside the Chamber to create a communal cleave amongst the Princes themselves, he was masterful.

Fifth Columnist: Steal Frame

Among the various ticklish issues that came up between India’s first prime minister and the country’s first home minister, the future role of the civil bureaucracy comes up for special mention. Jawaharlal Nehru was no fan of the Indian Civil Service (ICS), whom he had seen at close quarters colluding with the British, and wanted them out.

GST will allow smooth flow of goods and services

Since coming to power in May 2014, the Narendra Modi government has focused on cutting wasteful government expenditure by reducing the number of centrally-sponsored sche­mes so that additional resources could be mobilised for development work. Needless to say, the department of expenditure (DoE) under the Finance Ministry, which is supposed to balance the government’s books, has been in the thick of things. Finance and Expenditure secretary Ashok Lavasa shares his insights into the government’s fiscal strategy in an exclusive interview with Noor Mohammad.

Moodindigo: A life well lived

On his death, Anil Madhav Dave received the non-partisan salutations that would be the envy of politicians. And it wasn’t just the political heavyweights expressing their condolences at the passing of a colleague; it was also the partisans on social media who responded to his passing with genuine emotion. The one page will of a man with few possessions, who had spent the greater part of his life as an RSS pracharak made its way to social media (via the prime minister’s twitter feed) and nudged people out of their partisan corners.

Newsmaker: His very own man

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a bit like a method actor whose immaculately practised moves look spontaneous. Details emerging since he came to power reveal the depth of preparation into apparently on-the-spur-of-the-moment actions. The Lahore stopover for a Sharif family wedding or the demonetisation of high value currency comes to mind, even his victory walk in Delhi after the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. He answers to the description of the archetypal developing world charismatic leader, demonstrating a high level of engagement with his people.