Gizmo Geek: Solarin is here

It is no secret that whether we choose to engage with it or not, mobile technology in recent times has thrown up privacy and security issues of the sort that we haven’t had to deal with before.
It has never been a case of whether one lives a blameless life, but one of a right to privacy. But “not all privacy is created equal”. That is the principle upon which Sirin Labs’ military-grade super-smart Android smartphone Solarin, is built.
With a price tag inching upwards of the $15,000 mark, though, it had better be pretty damn smart.

Diplomatic Enclave: Boost in regional ties

India and Pakistan’s entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) as full members at its Astana summit in Kazakhstan gives a boost to the regional organisation. With its first expansion, the regional body links together the Central Asian region and South Asia.

We primarily focus on debt financing

It has been over a decade that Export Development Canada (EDC) — Canada's top export credit agency — is offering trade finance, export credit insurance and bonding services to companies in India. EDC, in collaboration with the Government of Canada, can help Indian companies reduce costs, increase efficiency, and innovate by introducing them to Canadian companies with the exact capabilities they want, says Bill Brown, regional vice-president, international business development, EDC, in an exclusive interview with Ashwin J Punnen. Excerpts:

Ruminations: The spirit of enterprise

Among the many evils that the ruling NDA holds the Congress responsible for is the one related to the economy. It starts with panning Jawaharlal Nehru’s Fabian Socialism inspired political thinking and the adaptation of the Soviet command economy model to India, reflected in the setting up of the now disbanded Planning Commission. These, more than the corruption of the licence raj era, are blamed for running businesses to the ground. Those early years and thereafter, which included the prime ministership of Indira Gandhi, reflected a standoffishness towards business, especially big business.

Fifth Columnist: Paradigm Shift

When physicist philosopher Albert Einstein wrote loftily, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge,” he obviously had not come to India. If he had, he could probably have seen reality in a new light.

RISKFACTOR: Have your say

Continuous learning is the hallmark of growth and development. Giving and receiving feedback is, therefore, an important element within organisations. One increasingly popular method is that of the 360-degree appraisals. Typically, it is the bosses or the seniors that provide feedback to their subordinates or direct reports. Many leading companies across industries have begun experimenting with the use of 360-degree method where essentially the feedback comes from all levels — bosses, peers, subordinates, and even external clients.

Close-in: The Cricket Coach Dilemma

On the eve of an important tournament like the Champions Trophy, Indian cricket has plunged into despair that could have easily been avoided.
The Anil Kumble versus Virat Kohli scrummage has put the reigning champions in quite a disarray. One does see photographs of smiling teammates, especially when they have done well in the two practice matches, but internally each ones’ dilemma would be to make a decision whether to be for or against the captain or the coach.

Slice of life: Is it worth it?

This morning at 6.15 am on my usual walk, I spotted an eager father and an enthusiastic tennis coach, giving personal lessons to a boy who looked about 12. The three of them were the sole occupants of the entire courts at that hour. The father watched as the coach yelled instructions to the boy. I was about 300m away from where this scenario unfolded, and the coach’s voice was booming in my ears “You don’t have to hit it so hard. Just return it. Focus. Block. Run.” The boy ran around trying to follow the instructions of the coach. The father applauded sometimes.

Diplomatic Enclave: Reaching Out

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s four-nation European tour was an opportune time to reach out to Europe just as the Anglo-American allies are turning their back to Europe for different reasons.


In American football, a famous coach once said – don’t throw the ‘ball to the receiver, throw where he is going to be’. The quarterback or the Field general as he is known has to throw to the receiver or where he is going to be for a successful play or touch down. The ball is like a tip of a spear, as it rotates towards the running receiver, it has the potential for a touch down only if it is grabbed well in time.