Riding high on sport marketing

The popularity of Chinese mobile handset maker Vivo has grown by leaps and bounds in India the last couple of years. From virtually scratch they have become a global premium smartphone brand with over 15.4 per cent market share as per the latest GSK report. It is expanding its brand value overseas through sports marketing.
The brand resonates with the youth and its incisive innovation and holistic marketing has been instrumental in establishing it on the global roadmap.

Moodindigo: Be the change

It is undeniable that alcoholism is a scourge on society, it devastates families, snatches livelihoods and leads to law and order issues, among its various repercussions. But is prohibition the answer? This question raises its head with regularity. Most recently the LDF government rolled back the “partial prohibition” brought into place a few years ago by the Congress-led UDF in Kerala. Under the new guidelines, the drinking age has been increased to 23 from 21 and liquor may now be served in two and three-star establishments and not only in five-star hotels.

Sliceoflife: Be smart...

Recently my mother, who lives in a tiny village in Kerala, visited me. In her village, the local gossip is faster than the internet and if you mention servers, you would be referring to the uniformed waiters who bring you tea in the local restaurant. My mother had never used a smartphone in her life. She kept insisting that her ‘dumb-phone’ (as she likes to refer to it) was adequate for her. I told her that it was high time I got her one, mainly because she could be connected to my children who are travelling abroad for higher education. I also had a selfish motive.

Newsmaker: #Chopra-on-a-roll

We have it on good authority. King Midas has passed on his spectre to Priyanka the Chopra. Oh yes, it’s no coincidence that Chopra is turning everything into gold in her wake — hell, she even outshined The Rock and The Zac in the campy Baywatch. So if you are still humming exaahtic, tongue in cheek, we suggest you hit the pause button and start on that trumpet, the new queen has arrived.

ScreenSavour: All in the game

Recently Priyanka Chopra faced a lot of flak from lumpen nationalists for meeting the Indian PM in Germany, dressed in a skirt. A lot of people, including film personalities, expressed contrary views, calling out the hypocrisy of such comments by pointing out at the western suit that the fastidious PM was attired in. When Amitabh Bachchan was asked for his opinion on the matter, he refused to be drawn into the controversy by stating that he is neither the PM nor Priyanka Chopra.


Losing one’s job is always stressful. Apart from issues of performance for which some employees might be asked to leave, several other reasons such as the cyclic nature of some industries, global recession, jobs being taken over by automation, or mergers and acquisitions can warrant company-wide mass layoffs. These other reasons typically have nothing to do with the employees who are laid off. Oil & gas, financial services, and IT — all have seen this in recent times.

Ruminations: Idea of Emergency

For all too often in the past few months, more so since the Bharatiya Janata Party's round of emphatic election victories, the opposition has referred to an emergency-like situation in the country. The accusations remain general but are linked, through a string of instances – some of them seen as attacks against those who have stood up to the ruling establishment – as attempts to establish an authoritarian regime.

Fifth Columnist: Summer of discontent

Even in these days of high velocity lobbying by various ‘vote banks’ to get a bite of the Indian democratic pie, there is no group as powerful and influential as the farmers.
Despite all round economic growth and the rapid rise of the middle classes, the hard reality of politics is that India remains a predominantly agricultural country. Theoretically, while it is possible to annoy one influential lobby and get away with it in electoral terms, it is certain that if the agricultural classes turn against a political party, it could virtually mean curtains.

Close-in: D/L and all that jazz

The ongoing Champions Trophy has become an interesting potboiler. The English weather has played its part in making it a challenge for most sides. Rain has played spoilsport in nearly every game that has been played so far, an outcome so predictable in England in the month of June.

FREEDOM FILES: How Mountbatten Neutralised Sikh Bogey

As angry rhetoric flew across the border with both Karachi and New Delhi not mincing words, the punch up in Kashmir was getting uglier as Indian forces attempted to chase out Jinnah's raiders. A bellicose Pakistan tried its best to nail the Indian government repeatedly on a whole welter of issues. Opening a new front in the United Nations, Pakistan fulminated against what it called the Sikh Plan where the Viceroy, now Governor General Lord Mountbatten was involved.