Close-in: Ready champs?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) finally succumbed to the pressure from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to participate in the Champions Trophy to be held in England from 1 June.
The Indian team selected for the tournament is one that could be termed a safe choice. Rather than one brought through any innovative thinking. The selectors have shown the same submissive approach that the BCCI displayed while handling the controversial issue of the reduction of the revenue receivables from the ICC.

RISKFACTOR: Hindsight bias

How many times have you come across people who seem to know it all? Heard people say ‘I told you so’ or ‘this was bound to happen’? However, these people seem to know everything only in retrospect—that is, after the events have happened. After watching that nerve-racking last minute win in a match, hearing the news of a politician involved in fraud, or knowing the outcomes of elections—often times you can catch yourself saying that you knew this was coming. Researchers have long studied this as the ‘hindsight bias’ or ‘knew-it-all-along effect’.

Gizmo Geek: The Massage Chair of the Future

The future may be uncertain, but here’s one thing we can promise you, it’s looking to be very comfortable. If you can afford it, of course. A luxury massage chair inspired by a sports car—that’s what the South Korean wellness company Bodyfriend showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January. A chair so high-tech that it can scan your body and figure out what sort of massage you need. Now, isn’t that something we’d all like to sink into after a hard day’s work?

Newsmaker: An optimist in the Elysee Palace

Nicolas Sarkozy’s marriage to Carla Bruni triggered an obsession with French presidential consorts and the private life of the first couple that shows no sign of abating. It was what outed Francois Hollande’s late-night tryst with a woman outside the Élysée Palace. Now France’s president-elect Emmanuel Macron has taken that obsession to breaking point with his story of marrying a woman 24-years older.

Photo Review: A bridge & its untold stories

While bridging the lives across the two banks of the river Hoogly, the iconic Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is also a silent witness to their myriad struggles, joys and hopes as they go about their everyday business. People use this bridge to move in and out of the city in search of livelihood, but in the process they also give the bridge a thousand untold stories that perhaps a perceptive lensman can in a rare moment capture in all their brilliance and nuance. Such a picture narrates its own story.

Diplomatic Enclave: Building Belt Road

China’s Belt and Road Forum in Beijing this weekend will showcase its plans to link China with Asia, Europe and Africa through a network of roads, railways, ports, telecommunications and oil and gas pipelines.


Masters of intrigue and subterfuge, the Indian Princes through linkages with Paramountcy thought they were infallible. Birthed by the British who chose them to be their allies against the nationalist headwinds with the Congress as its vanguard, the Rulers only viewed themselves from the prism of their relationship as the Rajas with the suzerain. Beyond that they couldn't care less, but the reality was that one sixth of the Indian people suffered due to the continued exclusion from civilised human rights.

Ruminations: Test For Judiciary

In September 1991, when lower court lawyers in Delhi entered the Delhi High Court premises and proceeded to abuse judges in full public view and disrupted work, the expectation from members of the public and sections of the legal fraternity had been that the lawyers involved would get adequate and exemplary punishment, enough to deter a repeat of similar behaviour. The lawyers were protesting the division of city courts in five districts and also wanted the pecuniary powers of the district courts to be raised.

Spy’s eye: The world of peaceniks

We live in an extraordinary eco-system that accounts for arm-chair intellectuals in the business of taking up ‘causes’, reality of aspirational youth getting stuck in poverty and the phenomenon of ‘covert’ offensives that have replaced frontal wars. India is a remarkable replica of this mix.

Good time to buy a house

With Rera as well as various other policy initiatives such as the Benami Transactions Act and the government’s determined push for affordable housing, the time has never been better to buy a home.
We are already seeing a lot of increased activity in the residential property market in the larger cities.
After the dampener of the demonetisation move late last year, the positive buyer sentiment visible now is especially significant.