Lack of earnings pickup may dampen sentiment

With a decreasing allocation to emerging markets seen in global allocations in August, it appears that there may not be much appetite for Indian equities by FIIs in the interim. In an interview with Falaknaaz Syed, Tushar Pradhan, chief investment officer at HSBC Global Asset Ma­n­a­g­e­ment India, said several domestic negatives such as continued softness in corporate earnings, a longer than expected impact of the disruption caused by GST and a political upheaval can damage the prospects of the ruling party’s efforts to get re-elected in the 2019 polls.

RISKFACTOR: Juggle that role

Do you feel bored or stagnated in your job? Or is the case that you always wanted to do something else but haven’t been able to make the move? Or perhaps you love creating music and art but have to go to work to pay those bills?

Moneyball: Dada’s messy power play

It has just been six weeks since this column delved on how it wouldn’t take much time for things to go downhill for Indian cricket. But, even at that time, one had not imagined that the stage was being set for a fast-paced five-over shootout, where the current and past stars of the game would all come out slogging at each ball. When the clash between the coach and the captain, Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli respectively, broke out on the eve of the Champions Trophy, the signs were there for all to see. But what has unfolded over the last few days has been a revelation and surprised many.


By June 1945, as the Second World War was winding down, like gravity, big events had begun to pull the globe in different directions. It had begun to dawn on the British Empire that the war effort over six years had crippled it for two new super powers to emerge from the ashes of history.

Newsmaker: Captain’s coach

Many years ago, in 1985, as the gleaming Audi 100 stood outside the boundary ropes at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia – it was the prize for the winner of the ‘Champion of Champions’ title in the Champions Trophy tournament – Ravi Shastri swore that he would be the one to drive away with it. The determination he showed throughout the tournament, delivering time after time as frontline batsman and wily bowler, finally got him his prize.

Diplomatic Enclave: FACE OFF

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook hands at the sidelines of a meeting of BRICS leaders in Hamburg during a G-20 summit. The Indian side described the two leaders as having discussed a range of issues, but the Chinese spokesperson denied a bilateral meeting or that the face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops on the border at Doklam was discussed.

Gizmo Geek: The best pet tubs money can buy

What is the most outlandish tech that money can buy? For the longest time we were of the opinion that $60,000 diamond-studded iPhones were bizarre or that splashing out $300 million on a luxury jet was opulent. But a $10,000 bathtub and care station for your resident furry friends might just about the tipping the scales on the side of the eccentric too.

Fifth Columnist: Off with the velvet gloves

The Sino-Indian conflict of 1962 was a much-discussed theme in India in 2012-2013, the fiftieth anniversary of the high mountain border war between two Asian giants. There were commentaries and analyses by Indian participants and experts, which sought to examine weaknesses and strengths of the two sides and the lessons learnt thereof from history. But the reaction to the conflict in China itself has been relatively muted, not the least because political views in the supposedly Communist country happen to be strongly government-controlled.

Slice of life: Listen to your inner voice

Reiki masters, spiritual teachers and those that believe in spirit guides swear by the fact that universe is sending us signals all the time, about what paths to choose and what decisions to make.

Close-in: The Board games

There has never been a more crucial stage in the 90-year history of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). We have witnessed several battles for control and supremacy in the past, as we have seen high handedness and arrogance at different levels. But all the problematic issues between warring groups and individuals have somehow got resolved. Rather than making the fallouts a public spectacle, members in most past cases have stayed low to fight their battle on another day.