• Oct

    Better monsoon, the seventh central pay commission award and recovery in rural demand are expected to have some impact on the volume growth of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in

  • By Dhanraj Bhagat, partner, Grant Thornton India

    The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is part of the overall consumer and retail sector. The consumer and retail sector includes FMCG and consumer durables

  • Oct

    The Indian real estate and property development industry continues to be in a limbo, with some developers feeling it’s better than last year, as industry witnessed slight improvement in sales

  • By Ramnath Venkateswaran, fund manager, equity, LIC Mutual Fund

    The real estate sector challenges over the past few years have broadly been in two areas— demand stagnation and debt overhang among corporates (fallout of the past decade’s growth).

  • Oct

    India is the fourth largest global producer of agrochemicals after the US Japan and China. The turnover of the industry has been estimated at $4

  • By Manish Panchal, practice head (chemical & energy) & Charu Kapoor, principal (chemical), Tata Strategic Management Group

    Every year in India pests and diseases eat away on an average 15-25 per cent of food produced by the farmers. Due to the rising population and decreasing arable

  • Sep

    India was the only major steel consuming market in the world which exhibited a growth in 2015-16. The year also witnessed India going ahead of the US to

  • By Nilanjan Dey, director, Wishlist Capital Advisors

    When it comes to the steel sector, investors need to steel themselves further against possible erosion of value, which would compound the problems that the sector faces. Many global

  • Sep

    Prevailing global gloom notwithstanding, the sustained rise in the domestic consumption demand is likely to keep margins intact for oil and gas companies in India.
    While doom stares in the

  • By Shravan Sampath, CEO, Oakridge Energy

    The present interplay of depressed crude oil prices and increased long-term demand in India presents an interesting opportunity for oil and gas companies. While leading oil players like Oil