• Apr
    By Koumudi Patil & Joy Sen

    Scholarship in architecture and building techniques has time and again urged us to study the scientific and sustainable rational embodied in evolved indigenous systems. Such practices have often adapted

  • Apr
    By RK Dube

    Man and metals have an age-old relationship. Different periods of early human civilisation have been named after metals

  • Apr

    Who knows for certain?
    Who shall here declare it?
    Whence was it born, whence came creation?
    The gods are later than this world’s formation;
    Who then can know the origins of the world?
    None knows

  • Ancient Indian knowledge systems have al­ways be­en subj­ect of energetic debates swinging between unverifiable claims and blind rejection. The last oc­casion was the 102nd In­dian Science Congress meeting hosted