Smart appliances

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With the rise in the number of working couples and dearth of domestic helps, the need for smart, energy-efficient appliances for home cleansing has risen too

Smart appliances
Keeping a home clean is defi­nitely easier said than done and more so with little ones around. The challenge in this case is certainly more with domestic help often on leave and you yourself being tired of fitting electrical gadgets for clea­ning purposes (you have to think of your energy bills as well). One often wonders what are the options to keep a spotlessly clean house. Should one opt for some electronic appliance or are there any healthy altern­atives available?

“Smart appliances are the need of the day given the busy and demanding lifestyle of urban homes. Depen­dence on technology by means of automating your homes with smart home solutions not only provides the luxury of extreme con­venience, but also benefits in terms of energy saving, and security, making lives easier and simpler,” said Marzin R Shroff, CEO – direct sales and senior vice-president – marketing, Eur­eka Forbes.

With such an evolved and dynamic consumer beha­viour, all companies are looking at designing products that are not only useful to the households, but also save time and energy of the inmates. With the number of working couples on the rise in cities, automated home solutions have become the need of the hour. Since we live in a digital age, it is only natural that some solutions need to be available at the tip of our finger. As a result, Eureka Forbes, country’s leading health and hygiene company with wide range of products in vacuum cleaners and water and air puri­fication systems, rolled out Euroclean Robocleanz, Ind­ia’s first automatic vacuum cleaner that allows one to clean the entire home without any manual intervention. One does not need to take time off his/her busy schedule to clean their home.

If you are not that gadget or electronic appliance friendly or if you are too particular about your energy bills soaring up, thanks to the regular use of these gadgets, you have your choices as well, the latest being Fun Clean, a range of home cleaning products from the stable of Fantacy Creations, makers of popular soft toys brand – Fun Toys. “On offer from the Fun Clean stable are: string mop, floor wiper, twist mop, chenille flat mop, round mop, magic bucket, flat cotton mop, telescopic twist mop, large twist mop, for your ceiling kit, kitchen and bathroom kit, rest rooms, clothes, car and others,” Lob Gupta, chief executive officer, Fun Clean, told FC Build.

Gupta claimed that the entire range is easy to use and handle, requires easy maintenance, light in weight, abrasion resistant and easily absorbs water and dust particles. The USP of the Fun Clean range is that they are made of stainless steel, 100 per cent virgin plastics and micro fibers. The company claims it to be hygienic with no hand contact and energy and water efficient. It also does away with the risk of bending and lower backache.

“Who would not like to live in a house that is spic and span, sparkling and shining clean? We all do, but our dependence on domestic help owing to our busy lifestyles sometimes does not permit such bliss,” agreed both Shroff and Gupta. And Shroff mentioned that thanks to the highly adva­nced technology, all one needs to do before stepping out of the house is switch on the robotic vacuum cleaner and what you find after a hectic tiring day is an absolutely clean, dust-free and radiant home and it’s energy efficient too.



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