Retirement resort at Lavasa by Ashiana

Retirement resort at Lavasa by Ashiana
Real estate firm Ashiana Housing is planning to foray into west India with Ashiana Utsav – a chain of retirement resorts. Recently, after setting up two retirement resorts in Bhiwadi and Jaipur, Ashiana has moved to western India to set up a 30-acre retirement resort in Lavasa with 475 units.

Ashiana’s target is to bring retirement resorts to at least 10 locations by 2013. Ashiana will move to southern part of the co­untry to explore the possibility of setting up retirement resorts in key cities of south India such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi and Bangalore. It also intends to set up retirement resorts for senior citizens in other cities such as Mumbai and Pune.

Already, a popular concept in the west, the trend of retirement communities is getting an acc­eptance in Indian market. Acc­ording to the company, cities such as Pune, Mumbai suburbs, Goa, Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and Coi­mbatore are the upcoming destinations for setting up retirement homes in the country.

Vishal Gupta, joint managing director, Ashiana Housing, said, “We understand the problems senior citizens go through and that’s why we tried to give them each and every comfort, whether it’s about their leisure or about their important necessities. The business world has two coins – cash and experience; where most of the marketers focus on first cashing in on their product before giving the feel or the experience, Ashiana’s philosophy is somewhat different. Give the experience first, the cash will come later. This is the mantra of Ashiana group giving coveted experience to their customers.”

The company said Utsav promises to make life after retirement a celebration. The resorts are planned keeping in mind the requirements of senior citizens. It caters to various needs of the residents like wheel chair-friendly campus, security, social, medical, spiritual and recreational facilities besides club, swimming pool, badminton court and gymnasium. It also includes an activity centre surrounded by the lush green lawns, convenience store, library, TV hall, internet café, auditorium, card room, hobby ro­oms and table tennis room.

The interiors of the units are also specially designed to cater to the needs of the senior citizens. Emergency switches at different places, in-built night lamp, smooth corners, matt finish and anti-skid tiles within the units are just some of the unique features. The bathrooms are specially equipped with gab rails, and arthritis-friendly handles.

The USP of Utsav Retire­ments Resorts is that they are managed and maintained by in-house facility management arm of Ashiana Group to ensure every best possible comfort to the residents. Doctors, taxi, drivers and maids are available on call.

Ankur Gupta, director, Ash­iana Housing, said, “Senior citizens suffer from many diseases. Not just diabetes or hypertension, which are very common, they also live with a constant fear of emergencies. This is an effort to nurture each and every need and to make their lives tension free.”

The monthly expenses are only on utilities like electricity, gas and water bills. Community expenses like security, maintenance, repairs, property taxes are included in the price of


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