• Jun

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to hold rates when it unveils its second bi-monthly mo­netary policy on Tuesday.
    With inflation still uncomfortably high and food prices

  • Apr

    Indian economy may have not bottomed out as yet. If one were to go by the factory output that contracted 1

  • Contraction in February and March pulled down India’s overall exports growth in 2013-14 to a modest 4 per cent, missing the target of $325 billion. Trade data released on

  • Feb

    Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to push anti-graft ordinances may have to wait for some more time, as the cabinet deferred a decision on Friday. But the cabinet will

  • Feb
    By Stephane Garelli

    In a global world that’s opening more and more Switzerland last weekend was seen as having closed a door. A constitutional initiative against “Massive Immigration ” from the

  • Jan

    Indian companies are riled by incongruous attempts by the central bank to squeeze their investments either by raising the repo rates or by not relenting to reduce it over the

  • Dec

    Negotiating a world trade agreement is like a gold fish reasoning with a hungry school of piranhas. India should know

  • Dec
    By Ravi Ranjan Prasad & Rajesh Abraham

    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has proposed sweeping changes in insider trading regulations. It wants to widen the definition of ‘insiders’ to include public servants

  • Echoing Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s views that inflation contributed to the party’s dismal performance in the assembly elections, finance minister P Chidambaram said on
    Wednesday that the “government of the day

  • Oct

    The finance ministry is working overtime for early launch of infrastructure trust funds to feed the sector’s massive appetite for resources estimated at $1 trillion for the next four-five years.