GSTR-3B may be extended

In a bid to provide relief to trade and businesses, the GST council at its meeting on Saturday may consider allowing them to file their returns in a simplified GSTR-3B form for another six months beyond March.

It will also discuss the proposal to merge 3 monthly return forms into one to simplify the process and reduce compliance burden. Among other proposals on the GST council agenda is to further de­l­ay rolling out the digital pa­ss system for transporting goods for another few mon­t­hs and levying GST on co­n­cent­rated form of alcohol.

“The current position of the monthly revenue collection will also be discussed. Tweaking of some clauses of the anti-profiteering provision is also expected,” said an official.

The GST council chairman Arun Jaitley would discuss the launch date for implementation of key anti-e­vasion provision of e-way bill, which has been on hold due to technical glitches.  In a big embarrassment to the government, the e-way system had crashed on the day of its launch causing losses to businesses and transporters.

While the government is yet to indicate a tentative rollout date for the e-way bill, Bihar deputy chief mi­n­ister Sushil Modi had last months suggested that the e-way bill be made mandatory from April 1.

“From April 1, when the new financial year of 2018-2019 starts, (GoM) decided to start the inter-state mo­v­e­ment of e-way bill system. In the first phase, only the inter-state movement of go­ods will be mandatorily required to take e-way bill and after a couple of weeks, the rollout of intra-state movement of goods through e-way bill system will start,” Modi had said.

The 26th GST council meeting, which was earlier planned to be held through video-conferencing, would now be full-fledged in the national capital.