Dassault Systemes bets on construction

While the mining sector solution remains its forte, Dassault Systemes India is now betting big on the civil and construction verticals. Dassault Systemes, known for its 3D experience platform, has tasted success in this area in the development of the ‘virtual shipyard’ industry digital training programme in South Australia and implementation of smart city projects in Singapore, Jaipur (India), and Rennes (France).

Recently, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Thai digital economy promotion agency (Depa), operating arm of its ministry of digital economy and society, top company officials said here.

The company is keen on replicating the model and developing 3D modelling and virtualisation for Indian cities. “Jaipur is using our 3D experience platform. We unveiled this project in February with our system integrator partner AurionPro. They signed the contract with the Rajasthan government. It will be for complete modelling and virtualisation of Jaipur and the surrounding areas,” said Samson Khaou, managing director, Dassault Systemes India.

The same can be done in other Indian cities and various state governments can actually leverage the platform to improve road traffic, predict natural disaster, like flood, and water logging, and to anticipate impact of construction for infrastructure developments, he said. “The Andhra Pr­adesh chief minister wan­ted us to come up with a proposal for virtualisation of Amravati, the new capital. We are contemplating a partnership with Andhra Pradesh,” Khaou said.

The company, which employs 2,500 people in India at its six offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, hopes that this solution would help railways in building tunnels and city authorities in constructing sub-terrain roads.

The Indian mining sector is facing challenges due to low commodity prices. With high-grade deposits disappearing and geographically viable deposits increasingly tapped out, mining companies are being pushed into remote locations to dig deeper. Digital technologies, including a virtual mine framework based on a three-tiered approach – operational stability, mine execution excellence and business agility – can help them execute lean practices to raise productivity and innovate.

In fact, the 3D experience platform and the Geovia applications help mining companies capture of natural resources by ensuring minimal environmental impact, said Khaou.

Ritwik Mukherjee