Bhart Axa looks to curb misselling

Private life insurer Bharti AXA Life Insurance has embarked upon a public awareness drive to fight against spurious calling andmis-selling across India.

‘’We are fighting the increasing incidencesof mis-selling and frauds on two fronts. Firstly, we are making policyholders and customers alert and aware through our public awareness programmes and also informing them about the modus operandi and modus vivendi of perpetrators involved and spurious callers, who lure people through misleading information and bogus offers.

Secondly, we are registering complaints with the police wherever it is required and seeking their assistance to act against these offenders,’’ said Vikas Seth, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance. The insurer has lodged complaints with the police in many parts of the country after receiving information about fraudulent cases.