• Jun
    By Dhruv Sarin

    Sharing some part of your medical expenses with the insurer is known as co-pay or co-payment in the insurance world. Under the co-pay clause you agree to pay

  • May
    By Roopali Prabhu

    A woman’s best protection is a little money on her own ” said Clare Boothe Luce American author famously. Such a cache becomes even more important if

  • Apr
    By Anil Rego

    We’re into a new financial year this month. This means we have to file our income-tax returns for the past year soon

  • Feb
    By Bhavana Acharya

    For the past five years you have been investing Rs 5 000 per month. What’s more because you’re investing for the long-term you have made these

  • Feb

    To ensure that assesses file their income tax return (ITR) on time, finance minister Arun Jaitley has introduced the provision of late fee up to Rs 10,000 in the budget.

  • Dec
    By Yashish Dahiya

    Indian investors are mostly risk-averse. They always prefer to invest in fixed-income instruments such as bonds bank fixed deposits and debt-based funds

  • Nov
    By Naveen Kukreja

    When we think of the advantages of investing in mutual funds, we think of portfolio diversification, high affordability (with minimum investment as low as Rs 500), high liquidity, rupee cost

  • Nov
    By FC Policy Bureau

    In a further clamp down on black money, the government has decided to impose a penalty of 200 per cent of the tax payable in the cases of cash deposits

  • Nov
    By PTI

    Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said deposits of now-defunct old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes in bank accounts will not enjoy immunity from tax and the land

  • Nov

    With corporate loan growth remaining tepid, top lenders have entered into a rate war over housing loans to boost their retail business.
    On Thursday, the country’s largest mortgage lender,