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  • Jul

    In the late 15th century the Portuguese were the first European power to establish a presence in Asia. Once Vasco da Gama had traced the sealanes to India

  • Jul

    The struggle to make rulers accountable goes back centuries if not longer. Typically at first nobles tried holding sovereigns to account

  • Jul

    An official Xinhua report from Beijing projects China’s GDP to top $10 trillion by 2014. However that is not the whole story

  • Jun
    By Ajay Goel

    India faces some key challenges in sustaining the growth rate it envisages for itself. One of them is the extreme dependence on imports for its energy needs

  • Jun
    By Tushar A Gandhi

    Development has become a catchphrase in recent times. But unfortunately in India development has become closely identified with displacement

  • Jun

    The pressing problem of climate cha­nge is intertwined with the challenges of economic development. Although developed countries aggravated the problem through large-scale emission of heat-trapping gases (in particular

  • Jun

    The presidential address delivered on June 9 in Parliament provides a glimpse into the new government’s policies in various areas, including agriculture. For instance, it takes into account the

  • Jun

    It is a misconception to think that economic planning was initiated only after independence. For rudimentary economic planning deriving the sovereign authority of the state