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  • Aug

    So said the management guru Peter Drucker. However he was smart enough to know that commentary on “what is” isn’t necessarily the best advice on “what should be

  • Aug

    Time and again we have talked about the crucial need for reforms in higher education. These discussions take different approaches each time

  • Aug

    Organisations are Darwin’s children since they have to constantly adapt (and change) in order to survive. The changes in their surroundings can put enormous pressures — the degree of

  • Aug
    By Rana Kapoor

    The new government came to power with a long wishlist from India Inc and the common man, as the Union budget — the first major policy statement of BJP led

  • Jul

    I have spent the past few months in India witnessing the change in government. The expectations in India and in the whole of Asia are high that the new

  • Jul

    Venjakob Maschinenbau, a German multinational manufacturer of lacquer coating machines, plans to set up its own factory in India in two-three years to aggressively tap the automotive, wood and steel

  • By William Pesek, Bloomberg

    Once the pride of Japan Sony is now a cautionary case study in complacency and mismanagement. But its latest stumble could turn out to be great news for

  • Jul

    Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The crystal ball tells us that by 2050 only 14 per cent of the people in ‘have-more’