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  • Feb

    Industrialisation brings with it its own squalor and yet, the desires of the modern world are such that we increasingly want faster cars, faster aeroplanes, newer computers and smarter

  • Feb
    By Kapil Wadhawan

    Undoubtedly a historic and landmark Union budget presentation by the Jaitley. I believe this was the least volatile budget with little impact on the market indices that remained fairly

  • By PK Singh

    Budget 2017 is a progressive budget which aims at a holistic development of the economy with a 25. 4 per cent higher capital expenditure slated for FY 2017-18

  • By Raghupati Singhania

    From a macro point of view, the budget presented by the finance minister is a growth-oriented one with special focus on rural, agriculture and infra sectors. Demonatisation resulted in

  • By Sanjeev Ahluwalia

    Finance minister Jaitley has come out swinging from a tight corner created by the demons of demonisation on the one hand and the headwinds of protectionisms and uncertainty from the

  • In the byzantine dark alleyways of India’s secretive public finances replete with imponderables and variables there is only one constant. More so when the Union budget comes along

  • Jan
    By Rajiv Nath

    ISRO created a record of sort by successfully launching PSLV-C35 with eight satellite passengers on board! Of these, five were international passenger satellites with three satellites belonging to Algeria, one

  • A local newspaper in Jaipur interviewed some of the bright young things thronging the packed central square at the event venue. “Festival dressing is the in thing,” exclaims Juhi,