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  • Oct

    Whether in business, government, non-profits, or elsewhere, what assumptions underpin your thinking about world economy trends? Expectations about where future growth will come from and their implications for global power

  • Sep

    Few issues in the higher education domain exist despite numerous contradictory views by academicians managers of education institutions and politicians. Whether colleges should ever become autonomous? Which areas

  • Sep

    Albert Camus famously wrote: ‘Life is the sum of all your choices’. This is true for individuals companies communities and countries

  • Sep
    By John Llyod, Reuters

    The Scots voted against independence on September 18, by a fair margin and most commentary from business leaders and financial analysts began with “a sigh of relief” — followed by

  • Sep

    Xi Jinping the president of the People’s Republic of China holds three important positions. Apart from being the formal head of state he is secretary general

  • Sep

    Myanmar is not just one of the neighbours of India. As Myint U Thant suggests — Myanmar is where “China meets India”

  • Sep
    By Clive Crook, Bloomberg

    UK prime minister David Cameron is a happy man right now. If he’d lost the union through sheer carelessness which looked possible last week history would have

  • Sep

    The calamity in Jammu and Kashmir has once again shown how unprepared we are about disaster. Why is it that we as a people have never bothered about preparing