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  • Nov

    A promising technology that offers a large green potential for electricity generation is ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). OTEC is a renewable energy technology that harnesses the solar energy

  • Nov
    By William Pesek, Bloomberg

    As hedge fund managers declare victory with the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock link, don’t forget the obvious loser: the city’s pro-democracy movement.
    For almost seven weeks, the students

  • Nov

    After interacting with students and teaching community on a topic related to the role of higher education in the ever-changing global scenario, one often comes across two major issues;

  • Nov

    At a recent two-day conference of directors of national institutes of technology (NITs) at Rashtrapati Bhawan, attention was focused on macro factors that can make them more relevant and effective

  • Nov
    By Susan Visvanathan

    Technocrats, bureaucrats and politicians often collude to project a common goal for citizens that equates industrialisation with development — a view that is imposed from above without concern for citizens’

  • Nov

    It will be soon two years since Shinzo Abe returned to lead the Japanese government. After a rather chaotic and disappointing three years interlude with the Democratic Party of

  • Nov

    Once branded the ‘sick man of Europe’, in recent years, the German economy has been held up as an exemplar to its neighbours. Advocates of reform have latched on

  • Nov

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of “Make in India” is a promising one. It is an invitation to global producers to transform India into a major hub for manufacturing