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  • Feb

    Japan is betting big time on hydrogen society. What is it? Simply put it is a society where hydrogen becomes a driving force of clean and efficient energy

  • Feb

    The ISIS posted a new video a couple of weeks ago. It made a child kill two Russian spies and video-recorded it for the benefit of the world

  • Jan

    The execution of a Japanese hostage by ISIS has sho­cked the whole nation. Two Japanese had been kidnapped by the extremists who threatened to execute them unless the Japanese

  • Jan

    The impact of the Modi government on the education sector is slowly and surely being seen. In higher education this is being triggered by recently published guidelines and

  • Jan
    By Jon Huntsman Jr and Bharath Gopalaswamy

    On January 26 President Barack Obama was the chief guest at India’s 66th Republic Day celebrations. His presence at the birthday party of the world’s largest democracy

  • Jan
    By Arun Kumar Jain

    There is sufficient research-based literature on how and why countries endowed with limited natural resources become rich and great. Of course there are multiple reasons for a country’s

  • Jan

    Today we turn 65 years old as a republic. A relatively young age for a nation but a significant milestone in its history

  • Jan

    The United Nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental tr­eaty negotiated at the United Nations conference on environment and development (UNCED), informally known as the Earth