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  • Nov

    Once branded the ‘sick man of Europe’, in recent years, the German economy has been held up as an exemplar to its neighbours. Advocates of reform have latched on

  • Nov

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of “Make in India” is a promising one. It is an invitation to global producers to transform India into a major hub for manufacturing

  • Nov
    By Mark Buchanan

    If the enterprise of economics aims to teach us how best to create and maintain wealth, you would hope it would at least have a means to measure it accurately.

  • I have just returned from a vacation in the Andamans that was nothing short of fantastic. I have often heard people rave about their holidays in Hawai Caribbean

  • Oct

    In households across the world people use electric energy not directly but through their home appliances. We consume services powered by electricity such as television lighting

  • Oct
    By Clive Crook, Bloomberg

    The argument over the risk Ebola poses to the US is getting cast as a disagreement between smart people who trust science and dumb people who panic for no reason.

  • Oct

    That the Indian youth is undergoing a massive change in terms of enterprise and employment is something that becomes overwhelmingly evident when one meets and observes successful entrepreneurs in their

  • Oct

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘make in India’ call has set an important strategic direction for the country’s businessmen, policymakers, and regulatory agencies. It has helped generate a healthy debate