My Mind

  • Jan
    By Rajiv Kumar

    Definitely, death of a loved one within the family or among our social circle is painful and irrevocable; but it is equally excruciating to see individuals suffering from critical health

  • Jan

    The biennale in Kochi Kerala in it’s third viewing now is an explosion of multiple realities. It defines globalisation in newer and newer ways

  • It is interesting to watch Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav when the chips are down. In May 1991 he was fighting with his back to the wall

  • Jan

    Capricious laws overzealous officials and bureaucratese flip flops marked the demonetisation journey. A journey replete with more failures than successes but absorbed exceedingly well by India

  • Jan

    Resuming this column after a mere six weeks, I find that the whole world has turned topsy-turvy. For starters (and middles and enders), Donald trumped Hilary.

  • Dec

    Where there are five economists there are six opinions my professor used to say. As youngsters from a rather snooty college bubbling with idealism to

  • Dec

    A message doing the rounds on WhatsApp reads: ‘I-T raids uncovered Rs 3 185 crore of undisclosed income since demonetisation. Shivaji statue budget Rs 3 600 crore

  • Dec

    Recently I came across an useful document that was created by the commerce department, education department, labour department of the United States and the National Institute of Literacy and the