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    The edifice of good boa­rd level corporate governance rests on risk assessment reporting and refl­ections. Global companies su­rvive and thrive on the stre­ngth and adherence to these 3Rs

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    Intolerance is a form of goo­ndaism. ”
    MK Gandhi Harijan: May 25 1947

    What the father of the nation warned in the year of our freedom rings so

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    By D Diptivilasa

    The Union cabinet has finally cleared the real estate (regulation and development) bill with reportedly 20 amendments, following its approval by a parliamentary standing committee.
    To appreciate the proposed legislation,

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    A taxonomy obsessed society India sees revolutions when nominal categories change. With an almost unquestionably existential for­ce categories define all things all ideas life itself

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    Several years ago I sent out a memo to my team. It elaborated on the importance of the war for talent

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    A majority of European economies are passing t­hrough low economic g­rowth in the face of intense gl­obal competition and acute sh­ortage of skilled manpower. Increasingly, Europe’s competitiveness is coming

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    Intolerance is discri­mination and lack of faith between people of different gender roles, political parties, social status, religions and so on. A debate has stirred up recently around growing

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    A few days ago, the International Monetary F­und (IMF) announced that it would include the Chinese cu­rrency, the yuan renminbi, in its reserve-currency basket, al­so known as special drawing rights.