My Mind

  • May

    Marine fish catch is going down in rece­nt years by over 5 per cent per annum. There is a steep fall in the production of oil sardines

  • May
    By R Vaidyanathan

    In the past 30 years or so the importance of Jesus Christ has increased substantially in the US elections. This in a situation where ch­ristianity — in

  • May
    By Susan Visvanathan

    In a world where politicians deal with consu­merism and corruption with the same banality, what is happening in JNU must come as a puzzle to them. The Supreme Court

  • May

    There aren’t enough women in research. A report by Unesco (2015) assessed that only 28 per cent of the world’s researchers are women despite growing enrolment in universities

  • May

    The longest poem in the English language is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In the poem there is the warning of a curse:

  • May

    The devolution of powers to states and the functioning of state legislatures had come in for extensive discussions in the constituent assembly. BR Ambedkar had hoped that this provision

  • May
    By Sachin Shridhar, Salim David

    Ever since Adam took a bite of the “forbidden fruit”, man has reason to be wary of what he puts into his mouth. So partly, he has given onto

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