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  • Mar

    There have been some tumultuous and epic elections in the history of independent India. I wasn’t born when the first general election was held in the country from October

  • Mar

    Renewable energy certificates (REC) is a relatively new and challenging market-based instrument, but it seems to hold a great promise in promoting the renewable energy market development in India.

  • Mar

    India’s independence in 1947 had the great Bengal famine as its backdrop. During the Bengal famine of 1942-43 over three million children women and men died of

  • Mar

    Predicting what future technology could do in the domain of education is certainly a difficult task. Mainly because the student community is looking at education from different angles

  • Mar

    The great Indian elections have been announced and the grand Indian campaign show has hit the road. All the leaders are out in their chartered planes and some are

  • Mar

    Every year in the month of March the National People’s Congress, China’s equivalent to a parliament, meets in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for its annual three-week

  • Mar
    By Lawrence Summers, Reuters

    The events in Ukraine have now made effective external support for successful economic and political reform there even more crucial. The world community is rising to the occasion

  • Mar
    By William Pesek, Bloomberg

    Does Shinzo Abe love soldiers who died during World War II more than Japanese living today?
    The question might sound disrespectful. But I can’t help asking it as I survey