My Mind

  • May
    By Ambareesh Baliga

    Avolatile week saw markets begin an expected phase of correction. The Nifty fell to 9 300 levels but later bounced back above 9 600

  • May

    The British always required get away places. Shimla is the best known example as it was known as the summer capital

  • May

    For perhaps the most voluble antagonist of Narendra Modi at one time, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar seems to be running out of options on the relationship with his alliance

  • May
    By Satish Sinha

    Mercury is a heavy metal and one of the most toxic elements known to mankind. It is a neurotoxin that has been the cause of one of the worst

  • May

    It is a short walk between victim hood and blood lust and often these days in Kashmir Valley, the lines blur and they become one and the same thing.

  • By Manoj Joshi

    The recently concluded belt and road forum in Beijing has focused global attention on China’s gigantic scheme called Belt Road Initiative(BRI). Yet not many people can easily grasp

  • May
    By NR Bhanumurthy

    As the Modi government at the Centre complete three years, one is expected to see a flurry of comments and opinions from academics and analysts on how the government as

  • May
    By Sanjay Malhotra

    A mile of highway will take you a mile but a mile of runway will take you anywhere”. True that! Whoever said this has probably captured the anomaly