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  • Mar

    Fukushima has jo­ined the league of catastrophic nuclear accidents that the atomic industry had declared to be impossible, including Windscale (Britain, 1957), Three Mile Island (the US, 1979) and Chernobyl (former USSR, 1986).

  • Mar

    Open education resources (OER) have been in development and use since 2002. OER is a new educational perspective focused on collective knowledge and the sharing and reuse of

  • Mar

    “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time. ”
    — Bill Gates
    India has impressive GDP growth rates

  • Mar

    Bureaucrats,but they don’t like to be called bureaucrats, they prefer the term officials, are supposed to be public servants but have become masters of their realm.
    They have their

  • Mar

    The titanic tsunami and the gigantic earthquake in Ja­pan have come as a wakeup call to the inhabitants of planet earth. Recent natural calamities like the drought in China

  • Mar

    There’s a battle br­­­­­­ewing between the government and the private sector. The governm­ent wants to mandate that la­rge companies should spend 2 per cent of their average net profits

  • Mar

    The recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan have wre­aked havoc. More than 19 000 people have died or are reported missing

  • Mar

    Leaders and leadership has been a subject of attention from times immemorial. A decent library can easily be filled up with all the books and papers written on the