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  • Aug

    Since Independence, more so since 1992, when the Hi­ndu lunatic frin­ge demolished the Ba­bri Masjid at Ayodhya, Indian society has been deeply divided on the basis of belief and religion.

  • Aug

    Biofuels is a term used to describe all liquid, solid, or gas fuels derived from living organisms, who were alive recently, or their metabolic waste. As a renewable energy

  • Aug
    By Bob Herbert

    President Barack Obama’s administration seems to be feeling sorry for itself. Robert Gibbs the president’s press secretary is perturbed that Obama is not getting more hosannas from

  • Aug

    Prime minister Ma­n­­­­­­­mohan Singh addressed the nation from the Red Fort on our Independence Day. In a significant speech he did not mince words about corruption

  • Aug

    Every human has four endowments — self awareness conscience independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom the power
    to choose

  • Aug

    FLICKER OF HOPE: India’s greatest energy challenge is meeting the demand for electricity. Given the current pace of economic growth of 8-10 per cent, the country must nearly double today’s capacity in the next five years.

  • Aug

    BIG FISH, BIGGER POND: Major trading powers such as Japan, India, the European Union and the US must be concerned when Beijing flexes its muscles in the South China Sea.

  • Aug

    ANTI-POOR? The Games will provoke a great deal of self-congratulation among the elite and will be used to legitimise social divides, anti-poor discrimination, and further cuts in social spending by the Delhi government