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  • Nov

    Sometime back the World Bank brought out a ranking of countries in terms of ease of doing business.

  • Nov

    In Indian politics, just like on the stock market, there has been a rise of the “penny stocks” – the investigative story front-paged in the Financial Chronicle of November 21

  • Nov

    Man is a prisoner of his past but so are institutions. In the ongoing feud between Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry the playbook has gone out of

  • Nov
    By Bhavin turakhia

    Digital has become a catch all word for everything good and innovative. I think the most crucial question for now is whether behind all the marketing spends and media

  • Nov
    By Ranjit Rane

    Efficient management of data hasn’t been a forte of the energy and utilities sector. Inspite of being an industry dominated by engineers and scientists who work with facts and

  • Nov

    The escalation of hostilities on the Line of Control, India’s de facto border with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir, is kept in check by a fragile threshold.
    Another attack by

  • Nov

    Last week prime minister Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Japan. His host Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to

  • Nov

    The abolition of high value banknotes and their replacement by new ones, commonly being described as demonetisation, has revealed two Indias — a bit on the same lines as Bharat