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  • Aug

    The United Nations declared 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) to recognise the importance of family farming in reducing poverty and improving global food security. According

  • Aug
    By Sushil Sharma

    The word euthanasia according to the Oxford dictionary is killing of a person suffering from an incurable disease. Passive euthanasia is where life support systems are withdrawn

  • Aug

    A Japanese acquaintance who is in charge of India in his company, recently raised the issue of the future of English in India. He was concerned that particularly in

  • Aug
    By William Pesek, Bloomberg

    After 11 months of battling speculators nipping at India’s currency, Raghuram Rajan is going after a more powerful enemy: the nation’s crony capitalists.
    Six years ago, Rajan, a former International

  • Aug

    Towards the end of 2001, a US headquartered personal computer (PC) manufacturing company invited four consultants from four different companies to a resort hotel in Penang. I was one

  • Aug

    Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva, seems to be geared up to drag Indian generics producer Dr Reddy’s to the courts, over patent infringement of their blockbuster drug Copaxone, used for multiple

  • Game changing transformation (GCT) is necessary when industries (and within them, the firms) face disruption usually from technological breakthroughs, government policy, or markets and consumers. There is no single

  • Aug

    The world recently commemorated World War I the war that was supposed to have ended all wars. I don’t think any society that claims to be civilised can