FC Businessman 2012

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    FC Businessman of the year 2012, Habil F Khorakiwala is a man, who has seen death squarely in the eye and won. An ex-president of the Ficci, Khorakiwala was

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    Habil Fakhruddin Khorakiwala is FC’s Businessman of the Year 2012 not because he is arguably the best known of Dawoodi Bohra business people around the globe, but because of the

  • Wockhardt’s rebound story, when expressed in numbers, is intricately linked with not just a rise in revenues, which incidentally was nowhere close to being outstanding in nature, but with a

  • Stakeholders in Wockhardt have got in the past 11 months what they could not get in the previous 12 years, with their wealth multiplying seven times from a low of

  • Corporate debt restructuring (CDR) is more like a gamble that bankers resort to, to breathe life back into any debt-ridden company.