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  • Sep

    Large companies have started leveraging social media like LinkedIn for knowledge and best practice sharing. In an interview with Ritwik Mukherjee Kverum explains why and how HR

  • Today’s digital platforms are a far cry from the days of job ads in newspapers

  • By Altaf Halde

    Gone are the days of an HR department storing employee information in files and neatly organised cabinets. Although this practice hasn’t been entirely done away with most of

  • What are the benefits of using technology in HR management?
    Technology plays the role of key enabler for organisations to execute talent strategies in an efficient and consistent manner.

  • By R Srividhya

    As prime minister Narendra Modi set foot in the US in a much anticipated and talked about visit to the country, there are bouquets and brickbats that await him during

  • By Sudheesh Venkatesh

    HR that strives to ensure success of an entity is an vital and integral part of an organisation. To achieve this HR focuses on sourcing the right talent

  • Rapid and responsive economic development, propelled by 800 million young Indians under 35, will eventually make India a global manufacturing hub, wrote PM Narendra Modi in Wall Street Journal’s Friday

  • By Shubha Singh

    This has been an American summer in India as a string of senior US officials visited Delhi, from secretary of state John Kerry to commerce secretary Penn Pritzker and defence