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  • Apr

    In the days of yore, when the mighty Mughals were expanding their dominions across northern India, from the Khyber Pass to the Bay of Bengal, they made good use of the Gangetic river system for military and material conquests.

  • The government has accorded top priority to development of river channels for freight movement to reduce logistics cost and make it competitive.

  • By Vishwapati Trivedi, chairman, National Shipping Board

    Till date the share of inland waterways in the total modal mix of transportation is less than 2 per cent. The main reason for this minuscule portion is

  • By Rajiv Sinha, professor and head, department of earth sciences, IIT Kanpur

    Rivers, particularly large river systems, constitute one of the most fundamental life support systems that have sustained civilisations; and are projected to be a critical determinant for the future sustenance

  • By Jaideep Ghosh, partner & head, transport & logistics, KPMG in India

    India has nearly 14 500 km of navigable inland waterways. Of this 5 200 km (36 per cent) of major rivers and 485 km (3 per cent) of

  • By Rajorshi Roy, head, transportation and logistics, Centrum Infrastructure Advisory

    As the Indian economy looks to revive through various government initiatives and regulatory changes, it is imperative that the logistics sector evolves into a more dynamic service industry. The

  • Following protests by salaried class, the government on Friday blinked again and agreed on an interest rate of 8.8 per cent on employee provident fund deposits for 2015-16, the rate that was originally recommended by the fund’s central board of trustees.

  • Apr

    Trusts and temples that are sitting on huge amounts of gold that came to them as offerings have responded enthusiastically to a change in rules of the gold monetisation scheme