FC Weekend

  • Nov

    Preserving and nourishing credibility of public institutions is the biggest challenge to any government. It’s no different for the Narendra Modi administration at the centre

  • By Ranjit Bhushan

    Nineteenth Nineteenth century Spanish philosopher and naturalist George antayana came up with a classic quote that many have repeated since then, to make a point against hubris and destruction.

  • By TV Gopal

    Today global growth means graduate engineers can take part in providing solutions for the most challenging problems, where only the best idea wins. The role of an engineer spans

  • By Atul Bhatnagar

    India, one of the fastest growing economies of the world and currently the third largest in terms of purchasing power parity, is expected to be third largest economy after China

  • By Sangeeta Gupta

    Industry and educational institutions need to come together to fill the communication gap, impart proper training and knowledge
    sharing to produce industry-ready candidates, says Nasscom’s
    Sangeeta Gupta in an interview

  • India is teeming with graduates, but faces acute problems of skill deficit

  • Home buying is getting expensive and many people dreaming of buying their own homes in big cities like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai are slowly realising that it’s nearly impossible to

  • By D Govardan

    n Educationists and industry keep sparring over the issue of “employability” of graduates coming out of engineering as well as arts and science colleges. What exactly are the issues?