FC Weekend

  • Oct

    All the signs are good. Only the portents are not. Consider this. The monsoons are over and the kharif crop is out in the market. Better crop, fine sentiments and increased income due to good harvest and the lollies offered by the Central Pay Commission, has seen recovery in demand for categories like consumer durables and automobiles.

  • By Snehdeep Bohra, associate director – corporates, Fitch Ratings

    Rural India represents a prime example of the “fortune at the bottom of pyramid” model, with about 70 per cent of the country’s population living outside the urban core and

  • By Ramnath Venkateswaran, fund manager equity, LIC MF

    Attractiveness of an investment decision is based on two factors — growth prospects and capital efficiency of the company and valuation, i.e

  • By Dinesh Rohira, founder and CEO, 5nanace.com

    The FMCG sector has played a key role in defining India’s growth story. This sector offers great opportunities and scope for innovation and increasing product efficacy which are

  • Oct

    The BCCI cannot play the role of an arsonist and a fireman at the same time. If it’s looking for sympathy not much is forthcoming

  • Today the security set-up of an industrial or business enterprise is no more a minor adjunct of the establishment that employs a certain number of watchmen and their supervisors to

  • National Engineering Industries Ltd has four manufacturing plants in India and rolls out one crore bearings a month for several industries, especially for automobiles and railways in the domestic market.

  • President Xi Jinping does not fit the archetypal description of an inscrutable Chinese leader. That was evident to Indians in the first few months of Narendra Modi’s prime ministership