FC Roar

  • Aug
    By Anil Dharker

    The jihadi who beheaded American journalist James Foley spoke in what has been described as a London accent. Sophisticated voice recognition technology has been put to use to identify

  • By Teja Lele Desai

    First came Twilight. It was followed by The Hunger Games

  • By Zehra Naqvi

    How can we imagine what our lives should be without the illumination of the lives of others?” asks James Salter in Light Years, forming the epigraph to Neel Mukherjee’s Booker-longlisted

  • By Sohini Sen

    Our lives are often ruled by a shape. Most of the time it is a rectangle and comes in specific denominations

  • By Ranaditya Baruah

    A common trait of most musical geniuses is that they never fail to surprise their fans. It’s this uncanny ability to reinvent themselves over and over again that separates

  • By Yana Bey

    The air in the glade is moist with the fragrance of sap and upturned earth. Sitting on a rock in the sun-dappled clearing my gaze rests on cream-coloured

  • By Vesna Pericevic Jacob

    Back pain is one of the most widespread problems today. Last time we talked about prevention methods to keep your back pain-free

  • By Anuradha Sawhney

    It’s Ganesh Chaturthi today which celebrates the birth of lord Ganesha the god of wisdom and prosperity. Many parts of the country are headed into festivities from