FC Roar

  • Aug

    Perhaps they were, but the Olympic wars are going on even more strongly than before, in Mumbai drawing rooms and on Twitter. First it was Shobhaa De and the

  • Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules is much more than a compilation of excerpts from Buffett’s letters, as every chapter of the book is written with an articulate and insightful synthesis to

  • Bridget’s back. And she’s having a baby! Will life ever be the same again for the world’s favourite singleton? Renée Zellweger returns to the big screen for the next

  • Many people who take their fitness very seriously struggle with making the distinction between aesthetics and functionality. What is better for you? The answer is simple functionality

  • With the explosion of interest in soft adven-ture activities in India in the past decade and a half, all sorts of people now drift into the field of adventure.

  • On the evening of August 13, Sudarshan Sharma, the deputy conservator of forest (DCF) at Ranthambhore got in touch with me. I am part of a committee that assists conservators in dealing with old tigers and orphan cubs in the reserve.

  • Aug

    Regular readers of this column will know that Literature Live!, the little organisation I started, runs the annual Mumbai International Literary Festival every November. In addition, there are fortnightly

  • No buddy better than a brother no friend better than a sister. It’s that time of the year when we celebrate Raksha Bandhan the tie that binds