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    an ageless book is one that freezes time within its pages. It remains forever in the present — whether it is read the day it is published or a

  • Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman were at loggerheads in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, but they’ve come a long way since then. They find themselves on the same

  • This article is dedicated to all those readers who are body builders, or who know people who consume a lot of proteins, like protein shakes and protein powders. I

  • We often forget that we live in a three dimensional world when we work out. Conventional wisdom in the world of fitness more often than not focuses on ‘one-joint

  • Though, compared to earlier generations, mo-re urban people have been venturing into the world of adventure sports for the past nearly two deca-des now, it is still something very far

  • In Switzerland, we had climbed up the Alps several times and in Italy, we reached the foothills of the Alps — Lombardy in north Italy — to admire the mighty

  • By Parvati Tampi & Shorbori Purkayastha

    Here’s the thing: it is for a reason that the gospel hymn Abide with me, written in 1847, is popular even today. The song flows gently and its lyrics

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    Here’s why dancing could beat stress. Dancing it has been proven time and again not only improves your muscular coordination but it also releases tonnes of