FC Roar

  • Sep
    By Vesna Pericevic Jacob

    In the past two weeks we have dealt with back pain and different methods to treat and prevent its occurrence. One of the most effective methods is the

  • Sep
    By Anuradha Sawhney

    As I write this article I have a bowl of brown rice soaking on my kitchen counter. I soaked it yesterday afternoon and it is still in water

  • By Anil Dharker

    If you were asked to do a free association between the number 3 and western classical music, what would you come up with ? The Three Tenors for sure.

  • By Zehra Naqvi

    Dedications by authors receive mostly cursory glances by readers. Prefaces and introductions fare much better; real bibliophiles go through them with as much attention as the main text

  • By Teja Lele Desai

    Family first? Not for everyone. And certainly not for the Foxmans nee Altmans

  • By Yana Bey

    This year marks the 10th edition of Hero MTB Himalaya, South Asia’s premier mountain biking race that is held every autumn in the Himalayan foothills in Himachal Pradesh. Beginning

  • By Ranaditya Baruah

    Eccentricity is an essential component of any musician. It is what defines that individual sound of any successful musician

  • By Jemima Raman

    The music is unbearably loud and relentless: pounding drums and rocking guitars belt out a battle cry the moment they are introduced. The dancers writhe, swirl, circle, scatter and