FC Roar

  • Dec
    By Vesna Pericevic Jacob

    My biggest challenge when working with people is making them stretch regularly. Stretching is one activity everyone tries to avoid whenever they can

  • By Anuradha Sawhney

    Deck the hall with boughs of holly, tra la la la la la…’tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la. This week I am bringing to

  • By Yana Bey

    Indian youngsters have been going to Iran for several years to participate in skiing events after selection by the Winter Games Federation of India. However, though travel to Iran

  • By Jemima Raman

    seriously what is it about Iceland anyway? Its landscape its music and even its politics stay so unreal. I can’t really talk about the landscape except to

  • By Bidisha Bagchi

    It was kind of unnerving as I stood inside a train cabin where, normally, there should have been a driver but there wasn’t any. Even then the train chugged

  • By Anil Dharker

    Johnnie Walker’s Journey seems to have become an annual feature of Mumbai’s social scene. And it’s not just another event but a special one judging from the very

  • By Zehra Naqvi

    To say that The Strange Library is typically Murakami would be a gross understatement. Except of course this one’s unusually slim

  • By Teja Lele Desai

    Like every year Hollywood had its share of the good the bad and the ugly in 2014. There were wondrous moments of cinematic glory such as Boyhood