FC Roar

  • Jan
    By Anuradha Sawhney

    I have had a great start to my year. My mother has finally come to Pune on a visit and I have got the opportunity to feed her some

  • By Vesna Persevic Jacob

    Last week we started looking at bodyweight training in greater detail. Here are some of my picks of the most effective bodyweight training exercises

  • By Yana Bey

    One of the first and foremost factors that are crucial in adventure activities is conquest of fear. And amazingly for both first-timers and veterans

  • By Jemima Raman

    Accordion is a tricky instrument. When played bad it grates on nerves so bad that you could scream — many a time I have run to the other

  • By Bidisha Bagchi

    Kuala Lumpur is not exactly a city where sightseeing can be a major attraction. Yet it is one of the most sought after Asian cities mainly because the

  • By Anil dharker

    I hope you read this on an empty stomach. Because this diary is all about eating and more eating and even more eating

  • By Teja Lele Desai

    johnny epp seems to have an ongoing connect with the English eccentric. Be it the dandy Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean the bizarre chocolatier Willy

  • By Zehra Naqvi

    There’s a beguiling magic in having an excerpt from your current favourite novel read out to you by its equally beguiling author. Especially when that author is Romesh Gunasekera