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    One of the richest men on earth — in fact, he did don the crown briefly in 2007 when stock markets were zooming — today he is just a whisker away from the top slot.

  • While Reliance group has many companies in its fold, among listed firms Reliance Industrial Infrastructure (RIIL) is the one that has been in the limelight for the past couple of years, mainly because of the manifold increase in its share value.

  • Many analysts have missed the point that the number of RIL shares floating in the market has more than doubled in the past 14 months, which means the company has performed relatively well. What more, after a year of consolidation, RIL shares could be getting ready for another wave of outperformance and lead the market to a new high in 2011.

  • There is a little known story in India’s corporate folklore that goes something like this: A few years ago, Mukesh Ambani, having established himself as the undisputed mo­narch of corporate