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  • Jan

    Climate change and energy efficiency is the buzzword these days. Even as the world’s expe­rts fight it out amongst themselves sometimes acquiescing and sometimes denying the governments

  • Workplace furniture has come a long way from being traditional wooden or plastic furniture to multi-purpose and trendy chairs and tables. Modular furniture appear to be just the right

  • By Tim McKeough

    Birdhouses don’t usually get as much attention from designers as human houses do, but there’s no reason birds shouldn’t have some style at home. Enrico Bonetti and Dominic Kozerski,

  • Jan

    While designing a house floor is among the most basic items that come to one’s mind. A floor that is both good looking and functional can be a

  • By Anuradha Adhikary

    If you are the kind of person who wants to avoid yelling to make yourself heard in a loud crowded pub, then home is where you should be. A

  • With the real estate market gradually recovering from the economic downturn, builders have once again started constructing luxury houses in Mumbai, saying demand has been rising steadily.
    Pune-based developer Kumar

  • The Noida-headquartered Logix Group, which has established more than 25 IT and ITeS parks over 4 million sq ft in and around Noida, has come up with its first residential

  • By Niranjana Ramesh

    If you thought Malaysia was a crowded tropical island built on precarious coastal zones you could be right. But there is room for vertical development of