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  • Sep
    By Viveka Kumar

    Pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators are commonly used medical devices today used to treat cardiac arrhythmias or abnormal heartbeats. They are not only highly durable but also remarkably

  • Vitamins and minerals should be part of our wellness indemnity — just like life insurance — both in health and illness. Here’s why: Vitamins are a group of organic

  • Technology is often blamed for making us lazy and fat. You don’t need to move your butt to get things done

  • Evolving communication technologies are making working from home easier every day. However for many of us freelancers independent consultants or those who work from home it

  • Sep
    By G Venkatesh, Fredrik Wikström & Helen Williams

    Too much of focus on something often makes one miss the wood for the trees. The very purpose of the focus seems to have been defeated thereby

  • We may call it a smartphone. But if you think about it the contraption ain’t really all that smart after all

  • What’s a great idea without the capital to bring your dream to fruition? If you’re really lucky, you’re already rolling in cash to fund your new venture. Otherwise, you

  • Sep

    In the beginning of the 1830s, at the behest of the Swedish parliament, an oak plantation project was undertaken at Visingsö — an island in the lake Vättern in south-central Sweden.