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  • May

    This might come as wonderful news to anyone who has ever accidentally deleted important data from their computers — deleted files can be recovered and sometimes it is ridiculously simple.

  • Did you know that you can use your iPhone’s volume keys to click photos while the camera app is loaded? Or that keeping the capture button in the camera app

  • Well, the global transportation sector has plans to contribute to a reduction (or rather a holding back of the increase) of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide in this case) over

  • By Kanchan Sukhija

    With increasing penetration of mobile phones and internet e commerce is occupying our lives with every tick of clock. Adding to that per capita income improving lifestyles

  • By Colin Osborne

    As the global population climbs from seven towards 10 billion and societies worldwide become more affluent, the global demand for food is climbing. Indeed, the UN Food and Agriculture

  • May

    We’ve spoken of VPN in the past — virtual private network — which creates a secure and encrypted tunnel for information to pass between you and the VPN provider.

  • Once upon a time long long ago there lived a man called Abdul Kassem Ismael. As the Grand Vizier of Persia and a renowned statesman and soldier

  • That Maria Sharapova failed a dope test a couple of months ago is nothing new. A swift flashback would reveal that it was Martina Hingis before her — one