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  • Sep

    A diamond never starts out dazzling. It needs to be polished to sparkle and shine

  • One of the advantages (or not, depending on your worldview) of these always-connected times is that we no longer like to wait for the morning newspaper to find out what’s

  • Aug

    Think of the most improbable miniature helicopter of all or those unbearable ‘drum beats’ in your ear. You gotcha the whole idea right — a hazard you’d not

  • You know your business is under threat of either a new disruptor or severe competition when your customers are either placing lower orders each time or negotiating price cuts.

  • By Subhash Kak

    Experts view the recent turmoil in the Chinese stock market as a consequence of the overcapacity of the Chinese infrastructure, misallocation of resources, and the ballooning of internal debt.

  • Aug

    Usually gamers are often wrongfully labelled as asocial or antisocial. When somebody talks about a gamer we automatically picture an image of basement dwellers people who sit in

  • Social networking is hardly only about Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Though humans have been networking socially ever since they discovered the joys of each other’s company it

  • Dream of making it to cover of Time or Playboy? Or have your mugshot beaming out from a Rubik’s Cube? Else selfie jumbled up as a jigsaw puzzle? You don’t