FC Know

  • Oct
    By Ganesh V

    When Naman Ahuja’s (name changed) parents realised one day that their 5-year-old’s teeth were turning brown and eroding, they were perplexed and worried. How could this happen at such

  • Many of my readers would not have heard of a dotcom venture called chaitime. com

  • By Rupesh Shah

    A scenario that is common today is children teaching their parents how to use a computer or smartphone. Children are intuitively able to figure out how to use a

  • By Payal Dhar

    Thinking of buying an e-reader this Diwali? It’s true that a Kindle or a Kobo (the two options easiest available in India) could make your reading life a lot more

  • By Ashish Bhatia

    According to the powers that know and estimate, there were approximately 861,379,000 registered host names on the internet as of January 2014. Of these, the number of active websites

  • By Anurita Majumdar

    IF your lunch or dinner companion pulls out a pen, and instead of signing the check, jabs her stomach with it, don’t be surprised. You are witnessing the lifesaving

  • Oct
    By Payal Dhar

    In the weeks leading up to Diwali sellers take advantage of the flurry of buying and gifting to offer incentives. And buyers find it the perfect opportunity to

  • By Ashish Bhatia

    Since browsers can’t do everything they have extensions. And unless you’ve been living in a techphobic pond you’ll know extensions allow you to add some unifunctional superpowers