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  • Oct

    Did you know that the global gaming market — which includes PC, mobile, console and handheld games — exceeds a whopping $95 billion today? This makes it bigger than the

  • Come November and something amazing happens — hundreds of thousands of writers and prospective writers from around the world roll up their sleeves and attempt to bash out their novels.

  • The more you spend on technology to build your customer relationship, the better it would be, right? The big companies with deep pockets often deliver customer delight, right? Wrong on

  • You don’t need to think in terms of a huge investment of time, energy, and an extended plan for good-for-your-body lifestyle changes. Simple, but important, health solutions don’t cost

  • The Indian medical device market is worth over three billion dollars Contributing 6 per cent to India’s $40 billion healthcare sector, it is growing at an

  • By KK Talwar

    We in India are obssessed with comparisons with China especially when it comes to economic growth. What about the intellectual growth that fuels economic growth? Now

  • Oct
    By Subhash Kak

    The world of business has entered the age of imagination. The most powerful companies deal with products for the mind

  • By G Venkatesh

    Waste paper and waste cardboard. The ones used for packaging especially