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  • Jul

    Though most of the reviews have been about games that one can play on consoles and PC platform. We are once again back with the android bit of the

  • We don’t really know what the future holds. But we know who holds the future

  • Does this sound like a day in your life: once the kids and pets are fed, plants watered, laundry done, cooking managed, work day dealt with, there’s really little more

  • Jul
    By MS Bisaria

    Dams. No dams

  • The Modi government with all its techno savvy strategic moves could be best poised to implement a citizen relationship management programme. For, we have a prime minister who wants

  • By Kumar Karpe

    The very first act of this government in May 2014 was a declaration of war on black money — the bane of the Indian economy for long, marked by illegal

  • By Sachin Shridhar

    THE HISTORY of modern violence shows that the ability to mass produce gunpowder, move armed forces faster from one area to another, and the development of infantry led to

  • Jun

    When we prefer to play some of the old classics while keeping at sync with the new. We are all just trying to recreate the enjoyment we used to