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  • Aug

    While the Chinese economy has been witnessing a slowdown for quite some time, it is only in the last two months that the equity market there has come under pressure.

  • A cosumption recovery is on the cards. This round of discretionary spending, estimated to create demand worth over $100 billion over the next three years, would be driven by lending rate cuts, a new pay commission award for government employees, lower oil prices and MSP hike on the basis of the Swaminathan formula.

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi has been advocating from the beginning of his term that India should become self-sufficient in edible oils production in the next five years.

  • Even if the government’s reform moves get caught up in the political logjam, other initiatives such as, make in India, can still drive growth in the domestic economy, says Nityanand Prabhu, COO of LIC Nomura Mutual Fund.

  • The domestic aviation sector is back in the reckoning with the operating environment turning positive as a result of a steep fall in aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price, rising demand

  • By Amber Dubey, Partner, India head of aerospace and defence, KPMG

    in July, aviation secretary RN Choubey announced the government’s resolve to ‘take flying to the masses’. Less than 1 per cent Indians fly. If we could make each of the 300 million middle class Indians fly just once a year, we would have domestic traffic over 4 times that of the 70 million air tickets sold last year.

  • Last week saw a sharp increase in intra-day and intra-week volatility largely due to global factors.

  • Option traders love volatility because it provides them with increased trading opportunities within a short period.