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    By Amita Verma

    The five-day drama ended in a shattering anti-climax in the Samajwadi Party on Friday with SP president Mulayam Singh Yadav proving, once again, that he is the boss and what’s

  • It seems an in-depth review of the situation in Kashmir has led the Centre to put an end to the environ of political permissiveness and appeasement of separatists that had

  • There is no hard and fast capstone for the Kashmir problem. The PM has promised a permanent solution within the confines of the constitution which includes one presumes

  • A part of my job is the communication with other stakeholders in the company. Many times it happens that while leaving the meeting rooms all parties (myself and

  • In the mid-1990’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was beginning its unstoppable campaign of conquests in the co­rporate world. Germans were known for their manufacturing prowess but not for

  • India intends to remain as closely invested in Afghanistan as it has in the past decade. This is the message that Afghan president Ashraf Ghani took back from his

  • The one-and-a-half-year old Bihar government could be facing its sternest test to date. The release of RJD leader and gangster Mohammed Shahabuddin has set the cat amongst the pigeons

  • Sep
    By Anjaneya Gautam

    Financial products have moved ahead from just being “return generation” vehicles. They are now being transformed into “solutions” as well

  • Sep
    By Neha Malhotra

    The government aims to make India’s taxation regime transparent non-adversarial and taxpayer-friendly by bringing “certainty” and ending “tax terrorism”.
    It has achieved various milestones in this direction

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    Unlike consumer product brands very few B2B product brands are well known to most of us. There are many reasons for this including lack of much mass media