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    The manner in which cynical politics can cast a shadow over a state’s prospects can be seen in West Bengal. The state’s GDP puts it among the top states

  • Risk averse versus risk takers zaibatsu versus chaebol. As India unfettered its economy in the early 1990s two bulge bracket investing nations - Japan and South Korea

  • India-China relations have been in a state of ferment through the past year. The two main reasons for the malaise in the relations are the Masood Azhar issue and

  • Someone needs to question why a politician as astute as Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, who has rarely put a wrong foot politically speaking in the last couple of decades,

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    The call to chaos is always seductive more so when the plates of history are shifting. India unfortunately has borne the brunt of a low intensity low

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    This battle is not fought with a bat and ball over a 22-yard strip. Yet its fallout could completely change the way cricket is run in this cricket

  • The word “intelligence” brings to everybody’s mind the domain of national security — which is quite natural — but in today’s world the importance of intelligence extends to all business

  • In one of the MBA sessions this week I had participants do a simulation of a hiring issue. They were asked to imagine that they worked for a

  • It is unusual to have two top level visits from the same country within a short time span of ten days. However, relations between India and Sri Lanka have

  • Ironical as it may seem, the proof of India’s surgical strikes – if there is any proof required and apparently going by the opposition clamour in India, it does –