• Oct

    In one of the MBA sessions this week I had participants do a simulation of a hiring issue. They were asked to imagine that they worked for a

  • It is unusual to have two top level visits from the same country within a short time span of ten days. However, relations between India and Sri Lanka have

  • Ironical as it may seem, the proof of India’s surgical strikes – if there is any proof required and apparently going by the opposition clamour in India, it does –

  • Oct
    By Mukesh Kothari

    India’s gold imports fell for a ninth straight month in September as weak retail demand and higher discounts prompted banks to cut overseas purchases of the bullion. The discount

  • By Arun Kejriwal

    Markets were super volatile and though we saw a sharp fall on Thursday post the surgical strike announcement, markets had turned weak even earlier.
    The BSE Sensex lost 802

  • Oct

    Investors often face problem in finding an effective way to safekeep their investment-related documents so that these are easily accessible in the future. For, one may be required to

  • In the last two years we have been seeing technology influx in everything. This disruption was prominent in sales technology and customer relationship management (CRM) in the past

  • Sep

    While doing financial planning for long-term goals like child’s education marriage or retirement asset allocation plays a very important role. Considering the ever-changing scenario in the financial

  • LIC’s Bima Diamond is a non-linked, with profit, limited premium payment money-back type plan, which offers a combination of protection and savings.

  • With midnight surgical strikes this week the Indian Army has shed its politically imposed inertia of several decades. In doing so it has given the message that despite